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(2390)Henderson County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Henderson County Probation Department228 North Green StreetHendersonKY42420270-827-3896
Henderson County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Henderson County Sheriffs Office20 North Main StreetHendersonKY42420270-826-2713
Henderson Police Department1990 Barrett CourtHendersonKY42420270-831-1295
Kentucky State Police - Post 168415 U.s. 41HendersonKY42420270-826-3312
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Criminal History Records – Warrant Records in Henderson County, Tennessee

Warrant Records are one of the most sensitive pieces of public information. They are maintained and updated by various agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and other law enforcement agencies. These records contain information pertaining to the activities of a person that were conducted without his consent. Warrant Records are also referred to as ” Arrest warrants” or ” Criminal warrants”. Warrant Records in Henderson County Kentucky contain data about arrests, searches, seizures, FBI file names, and date of birth of suspects.

When a person is arrested, the law requires that he goes before a judge and provide evidence of his identity and a crime. At this stage, fingerprints are collected and tested to see if they belong to the person being arrested. The court then decides whether the fingerprints match the data in the system and if so, the person is either released on bail or is required to attend trial. If the fingerprints match, then the name of the person who owns the fingerprint is entered into the criminal record database for future reference.

Warrant Records in Kentucky have been collecting and maintaining detailed information about persons who have been convicted of criminal acts since 1977. The violations included serious ones such as murder and sexual assault. Through this process, the public is informed of persons accused of criminal activities and their background records. This can help people protect themselves and their families from dangerous people.

A criminal conviction cannot be wiped off the slate. It remains on your permanent record and is available to law officials and other authorized individuals such as employers, landlords, banks and credit card companies. Furthermore, records of an arrest warrant can be requested from the local police department or the local courthouse. However, an online search is always possible and can give you more information. Warrant Records in Henderson County, Kentucky can help you investigate a person without the need to go to court.

Criminal records searches are often conducted by those who want to keep track of a babysitter or nanny they have hired for some time. Such a background check can reveal any warrants that have been issued against the person. Employers also do a criminal record check before letting anyone hire their children. Credit card companies can use a warrant search to make sure that their clients are not on their list of criminals. Moreover, those who are about to give an apartment to someone will first obtain a copy of the person’s criminal history to be sure that there are no indications of substance abuse.

A warrant is simply a formal request by a law enforcement agency to a judicial authority for a person’s arrest. Contrary to what many may believe, a person does not have to be charged with an offense for the document to be issued. It can only be issued if there is a suspicion that the person committed a crime, especially if there is proof that the person is likely to commit that crime again. Warranties can be obtained from the court that issued the arrest warrant. You only need to know where to find one.