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(2257)Calloway County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Calloway County Probation Department312 North 4th StreetMurrayKY42071270-753-7980
Calloway County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Calloway County Sheriff's Office304 Maple StreetMurrayKY42071270-753-3151
Calloway County Sheriffs Office701 Olive StreetMurrayKY42071270-753-3151
City Of Murray Police Department407 Poplar StreetMurrayKY42071270-753-1621
Murray State University Police101 North 16th StreetMurrayKY42071270-809-2222
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What Are Warrant Records?

In the early 1990s, the practice of carrying out a person’s arrest records came about in Calloway County. These records were then arranged and filed by the clerk of court. These records are open to the public but the availability of these records can vary from time to time. This is largely due to the fact that the clerk of court is under the control of the Kentucky State Police and is not allowed to make the records public. Therefore, it is left up to the people to go to the state police station or county courthouse to access these records.

Arrest records can be very useful when you want to check on the background of an individual. You may want to hire someone for a job and you can check whether they had any warrants for their arrest during the interviewing process. You can also use this as a preventative measure to keep track of your family members who have a history of crime. In short, records of warrants provide you with important information regarding any person.

You should always bear in mind that warrant records are not considered as part of the official record system. They are considered private records and as such, not disclosed to a third party except if they are being used for a legal purpose. The process of getting these records depends on each person. You can approach the county sheriff or court office where the arrest took place to obtain the records of an individual. This requires you to visit the court house or the sheriff’s office during office hours to retrieve the documents you require.

Another way of retrieving the arrest record of a person is to visit the local county jail where the person was convicted. To find out, you will need to visit the records section of the county jail. The process is same as obtaining the records of a person at the courthouse but with a slight difference. Instead of visiting the courthouse, you will be visiting the jail to obtain the records. The waiting period for obtaining the results is usually two to three days.

It is important to note that warrant records are not filed electronically. In order to view the warrant records, you will need to go to the county sheriff’s office or the judge’s chambers where the warrants were issued. Most people do not know that it is possible to see a person’s warrant records online. There are companies that have access to this database and they allow people to browse through the arrest warrants that have been issued in a certain county or city.

If you wish to view warrant records, you may hire a private detective to do the search for you. Doing the search by yourself is quite easy. There are websites that allow you to find the warrant records of someone within minutes. These websites are also very affordable and are worth a try if you need to lookup information regarding a specific person.