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(2312)Estill County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Estill County Sheriffs Office130 Main StreetIrvineKY40336606-723-2323
Estill County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Irvine Division of Police146 Broadway StreetIrvineKY40336606-723-3915
Irvine Police Department101 Chestnut StreetIrvineKY40336606-723-2221
Ravenna Police Department620 Main StreetRavennaKY40472606-723-3332
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Warrant Records Search – What Are Warrant Records?

Warrant records are legal documents that provide proof that a person has committed a crime. In Kentucky, the word ‘warrant’ is also used to mean a document that gives the right of a government authority to conduct an arrest. If you are accused of a criminal offense in Kentucky, you must first go before a judge and present yourself with a court issued ID. You will then be fingerprinted, photographed, and given a notice of criminal charges. If you are found guilty, you could face up to one year in jail, or more depending on the severity of your crime.

In most cases, criminal records are sealed or destroyed upon the completion of a sentence. However, this does not mean that your criminal past is over. Instead, the criminal records are retained by the court so that future legal proceedings can establish whether or not a person should be released from confinement. Warrant records can tell the history of an individual if they are arrested for a crime, but only if they are convicted. These documents can even reveal if a person has been convicted of a crime in more than one place or location.

Criminal records are considered public information in most states. They are available to law officials for the sole purpose of providing them with the information needed to determine whether or not a person should be released from confinement. Warrant records can also be used as evidence at a trial if a person is arrested for an unrelated offense. Even though a person may have been convicted of multiple offenses, there are cases where their conviction reports show them being charged of crimes in more than one place.

The process of obtaining a copy of a person’s record starts when the police department in question requests the records from the courts. They do this through a process called fingerprinting. By requesting an arrest record, the local police department can obtain all relevant information regarding a person’s past arrest history. This includes not just a person’s fingerprints but also their date of birth and any previous address.

If the records provided to law enforcement agencies by a county contain incomplete information or are otherwise invalid, then the records will be cancelled. However, the process of obtaining a search warrant is the same for all counties. To start the process, the individual must meet certain criteria. They must be a resident of the county where they want to perform the search, they must be at least eighteen years of age and they must have a valid reason for wanting the record.

The reasons for needing a warrant vary by jurisdiction. Sometimes, a person’s record might show an outstanding warrant for their arrest. Other times, they may not have a warrant but someone else does. People who are under investigation for a crime may not be aware that they are being investigated. Even when a person’s warrant is set for their arrest, it is possible they may not be in custody and therefore have an outstanding warrant. In such situations, a warrant records search can help to determine if a person is wanted on an outstanding warrant.