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(2309)Daviess County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Daviess County Probation Department121 East 2nd StreetOwensboroKY42303270-687-7245
Daviess County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Daviess County Sheriff210 Saint Ann StreetOwensboroKY42303270-685-8444
Daviess County Sheriff's Office212 Saint Ann StreetOwensboroKY42303270-685-8444
Owensboro City Police222 East 9th StreetOwensboroKY42303270-687-8830
Owensboro Kentucky FBI Office401 Frederica StreetOwensboroKY42301270-926-3441
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Who Needs To See Warrant Records?

What are Warrant Records? Well a Warrant Records is an official court document that authorizes and states that a person has been arrested for, committed a crime, or has committed an act involving a deadly weapon. It does not have all the extra details that other documents do, such as a citation or complaint, and is usually filed with the clerk of court in the county where the arrest took place. Per state law, a Warrant must be visible to anyone who would be harmed by the person, and it states that the person who owns the warrant can exercise one of three legal remedies to try to get the records sealed, returned, or destroyed.

A Warrant Records list contains several pieces of personal information. First, it shows the name of the person who is accused of the crime, any aliases they may use (if any), their last known address (which may be their work or residence address), birth date, full legal name, social security number, current city and county, possible aliases, and their date of birth. In addition, records show if the person has ever had a marriage, been married, been divorced, and if they have a child. Warrant Records include information about bail amounts, charges, pleas entered, names of witnesses, and any other relevant information about the case. Searching a person’s record does not require a judgment in court, and can be handled anonymously through an online records request.

The process of searching a warrant depends on whether the person is being searched for criminal, civil, or warrant out of your state. If you are searching for criminal records, you will need to go to the courthouse in the county where the crime happened. Many states allow you to search their criminal records online, which is called an electronic public records search. Most people will not know the person’s criminal history unless they see it in print, so it is wise to check there first.

Civil warrants can be issued when a person is guilty of a crime, but not necessarily for the crime that they are accused of. They are granted by a judge based on the evidence of a crime that was committed. A judge can issue either a civil or criminal warrant, based on the person’s criminal history. It can be very easy to search a person’s records, and many times this can be done at the local courthouse. However, if the person has moved since the warrant was filed, you may have to do a formal background check to find out if the warrant is still in effect.

Warrant records are available to the public, and anyone can access them. The only reason someone may not be able to find out more about a person’s history is because the person may have a password and/or set of keys, which would make it impossible to search the records without the person’s permission. You can also perform a criminal records search online, but most of these online services do not offer access to warrants. If you do not want to hire a detective, you can go to the courthouse and search the records yourself. This process may take longer, but it is your right.

If you are in need of criminal records, you should always check with the local sheriff’s department first. They will keep track of any warrants that were issued against a person. They will also keep track of the sex offenders that are living in your area. There are sometimes problems with these records, so you should still verify that the person you want to check has a criminal record before you do a background search.