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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2502)Letcher County Police Departments
Fleming Neon Police Department955 State Highway 317Fleming-NeonKY41840606-855-7900
Letcher County Police Departments
Jenkins Fire Department853 Lake Side DriveJenkinsKY41537606-832-2141
Jenkins Police Department835 Lake Side DriveJenkinsKY41537606-832-4411
Whitesburg Police Department38 East Main StreetWhitesburgKY41858606-633-2737
Letcher County Sheriff Departments
Letcher County Sheriff's Office101 Main StreetWhitesburgKY41858606-633-2293
Letcher County Sheriffs Department / Letcher County Jail156 Main StreetWhitesburgKY41858606-633-2293
Letcher County Probation Department
Letcher County Probation Department104 East Main StreetWhitesburgKY41858606-633-4801
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The Importance of Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Letcher County, Kentucky are maintained by the Letcher County Clerk of Court. These records allow a person to find out if a person they are searching for has any warrants out for their arrest. A warrant is issued when a person is suspected of a crime and there is reason to believe that they may be committing it. By checking these records, a person can ensure that they are not committing a crime they may not be aware of. It is always important to be careful and research warrants before a person commits a crime so that they know they are not going to be involved in any illegal activity.

It is not always necessary to check the local Criminal Records when a person wants to do background checks on people. A criminal records search cannot be performed unless a person has a criminal record. However, you may be able to do some limited research on a person if they are using aliases. Using their real name when performing online searches will make it easier to determine if they have a criminal record.

There may be times when a person may want to hire a new employee or do business with someone overseas. Before allowing a person into your company, it is important to check the person’s background. Most companies will perform a criminal background check before hiring any employee. In addition, there are employers who conduct their own criminal record checks. Performing a search through the local court records will give you the most current information about a person. If there are warrants out for a person’s arrest, it will also show up on a background check.

Warrant records will tell you if a person has ever been arrested for any type of crime. If you have children in your home it is important to have a reliable way to find out if a person your child is around has ever been arrested or convicted of any crime. You will be able to find out the person’s criminal activity history through a simple warrant search. If a person is wanted on a warrant it will show up on the warrant search.

If you are trying to rent an apartment, verify that the potential renter has a clean criminal background by doing a warrant search. If there is a warrant out for a person, it will not prevent you from letting them rent your home. However, you should only allow a person with a clean record to rent your home. If there is a warrant out for a person, it will not prevent you from letting them rent your home.

People can get outstanding warrants out on their own. However, there are some restrictions on how one can obtain access to these records. One must go to the local courthouse in their county and request the record. It will take some time to process the request and provide the information you are looking for. Therefore, you should use this option if you know the person is wanted on a warrant and you don’t plan to make many transactions involving them because it can take a long time.