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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2287)Chautauqua County Police Departments
Cedar Vale City Clerk702 Cedar StreetCedar ValeKS67024620-758-2244
Chautauqua County Police Departments
Cedar Vale Police Department702 Cedar StreetCedar ValeKS67024620-758-2951
Sedan Police Department211 West Main StreetSedanKS67361620-725-3136
Sedan Police Department109 North Chautauqua StreetSedanKS67361620-725-3136
Chautauqua County Sheriff Department
Chautauqua County Sheriffs Department / Chautauqua County Jail215 North Chautauqua StreetSedanKS67361620-725-3108
Chautauqua County Probation Department
Chautauqua County Probation Department215 North Chautauqua StreetSedanKS67361620-725-3108
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Warrant Records in Chautauqua County Kansas are available to the public for examination and inspection. It is important to note that these documents are public record and anyone who desires to view them can have access to them. This is a legal right that has been granted by the state of Kansas. The right to inspect and copy these records is also a legal right that was granted to the residents of Chautauqua County. Permission is usually freely given by any member of the public who is interested in the Records. These records can be requested from the concerned offices or they can even be obtained online.

Warrant Records in Chautauqua County are considered to be an official document that is filed with the Police Department. In this document, the name of the person who is the subject of the warrant is stated as well as the reasons why the warrant was issued. In most cases, the reason given will pertain to a person who has failed to appear at court on the date set out on the warrant. If the person fails to show up after the expiration of the warrant, then it will be regarded as being an infraction of the person’s bail law. Once the warrant has been carried out, the records will then be transferred to the State Police so that they can investigate the matter further.

Warrant Records in Chautauqua County are considered public records because they are filed by the police and the courts within the jurisdiction. These records are usually available for anyone who needs to access them. You will find that there is a certain fee that is required for these records. This is because of the information that is contained in them. The records include criminal history information, aliases that the person may use and other information that is not necessary.

Obtaining access to Criminal Records in Chautauqua County is not hard. There are many offices that provide this information and they are easily accessible. Once the person has access to these records they can then conduct a background check on the person. You will be able to view all felony and misdemeanor charges that a person may have had as well as their conviction records. The more serious violations and crimes that a person has been charged with will often lead to more serious consequences.

If there is a question that you have regarding a person’s warrants, you will want to make sure that you have access to them. If there are questions about a person that you feel may be involved in criminal activity or that you just do not feel comfortable with, then you can always request that a copy of their warrant records be given to you. A person can only be held in jail once their warrant has been served. The person can then be free to go. In some instances, you will have to pay a small fee before you are given access to a person’s arrest records.

These warrant records are a part of the public domain and anyone can access them. If you need to search for any warrants that are relevant to your needs, then you can do so online. You can get criminal background checks, court records, and more. All you need to do is provide the name of the person, their address, the crime they were arrested for, and how many times they were convicted. This information can help you to ensure that you are living and working among safe and trustworthy people.