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Lincoln County Sheriffs Office / Lincoln County Jail116 North 2nd StreetLincolnKS67455785-524-4479
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Where Do Warrant Records Come From?

Warrant Records in Lincoln County are public records that show any arrest, arraignment, court action, or other lawful process served upon an individual. They contain a person’s name, date of birth, full name, social security number, current address, and current place of employment. In some cases, they may also show the cause of arrest. Warrant Records in Kansas are confidential and are only available to law enforcement officials, including the arresting officers and other law enforcement officials.

Warrant Records in Lincoln County contain data relating to warrants for violations of crimes such as theft, burglary, arson, assault, domestic violence, sexual assault, kidnapping, possession of drugs or trafficking of drugs, and many other criminal acts. Some warrants were issued while a person was on probation or parole. People who fail to appear at their court date as scheduled can be placed under arrest for failure to obey the order of the court. Some warrants also have a money bond clause, which requires the defendant to post a bond if arrested. The court will issue the warrant if it finds probable cause to believe the accused is guilty of the specific offense.

Warrant Records in Kansas are confidential and can only be viewed by law enforcement officials, including other law enforcement officials. They must be obtained from the county jail or state prison where the arrest took place. In some instances, records are sealed by the court in certain circumstances when criminal proceedings are pending. In addition, records cannot be accessed without first obtaining written permission from the person being searched.

Warrant Records are maintained in separate files at the appropriate police department where the warrant was granted. In many instances, this is the same station where the person was arrested. If not, they are stored in the county courthouse. There are typically small fee records fees for access. It is important to ensure the information you are requesting is complete and accurate as there can be serious penalties for using incorrect information.

When you begin your search for these records you will first need to know the person’s legal name and any aliases they may use. You will also need the address and contact number where the person is known to have lived in the past. In addition, a complete background check will need to be conducted including criminal and traffic records. There are usually fee records available but you may be able to get more information about the person’s criminal history and prior offenses by contacting the local courthouse.

If a warrant is issued for an arrest, the name of the person and date of arrest will appear on the warrant. The arrest warrant may be listed by the name of the person for whom the warrant is issued, or by the name of the defendant. These details will provide you with the information needed to find the person.