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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Chautauqua County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Chautauqua County Clerk215 North Chautauqua StreetSedanKS67361620-725-5800
Chautauqua County Marriage License215 N Chautauqua St Box 306SedanKS67361620-725-5870
Cedar Vale City Clerk702 Cedar StreetCedar ValeKS67024620-758-2244
Sedan City Hall109 North Chautauqua StreetSedanKS67361620-725-3194
Chautauqua County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Chautauqua County District Court Website
Chautauqua County Genealogy Records
Chautauqua County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples694 (48.5%)
Unmarried Couples53 (1.6%)
Never Married Men380 (26.4%)
Never Married Women251 (18.1%)
Separated Men37 (2.6%)
Separated Women30 (2.2%)
Widowed Men78 (5.4%)
Widowed Women205 (14.8%)
Divorced Men215 (14.9%)
Divorced Women168 (12.1%)

Where to Find Marriage Records in Chautauqua County Kentucky

With marriage records, one can easily locate the necessary information on a person or persons that one desires to have married. Marriage records in Chautauqua County, Kentucky list all the pertinent details of the marriage, along with the location and the reason for the marriage. These details include the names of the bride and groom, their parents or guardians if different, witnesses such as a judge, other licensed official like a recorder or registrar of deeds, the marriage license number, and the name of the officiant. The records of a marriage are kept for a certain period of time, and then they become public record after seven years from the date of the marriage.

When searching for information on marriage records in Chautauqua County, Kentucky one can either do it online or in person. These days, many people turn to the internet when looking for information on marriage records, because most of the details one seeks to obtain can be attained by simply browsing the website of the county where the marriage was conducted. Most of the information that one seeks in these types of sites is free, but some sites will require a small fee to retrieve the information that you seek. This is most commonly done when a fee is required for any kind of record retrieval.

Once one has located the proper place to obtain these marriage records, they can usually get the information they need very quickly. These records are recorded in the particular county where the marriage happened and then forwarded to the county where the party resides. This saves a lot of time and effort, because instead of having to travel to each county individually to retrieve this important information, one can just visit the relevant website and gain access to the information that they need. Most of the sites allow one to request the information from their computer. If one is able to find an online application, then it is very easy to have the results within a few minutes.

After obtaining the results, one can then look through the marriage information to find the names of the couple, and the parents of the bride and groom. The mother’s maiden name is also entered, along with the fathers’ maiden name. These records are cross referenced to make sure that they match up correctly. It is a simple way to obtain the information that one is seeking. Once one finds the names of the bride and groom, and then the mothers’ maiden name, they can either obtain them directly from the county where they were married, or they can contact the county where they lived at the time of the wedding for more information.

Marriage records are not only kept for the sake of recording marriages, but they are also kept showing genealogy purposes. For example, if one is working in Kentucky and wants to know whether or not a certain relative was actually married before, then they can check to see if that person’s marriage information is recorded somewhere in the county. This is not only important for genealogy purposes, but it is also a great tool to use when trying to research someone’s real background.

In Chautauqua County, marriage records are an extremely valuable resource. They can help reunite long-lost family members and can reveal the truth about a person’s history. Anyone who needs this information can go online to find out exactly where to find these valuable pieces of information.