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Washington County Sheriffs Department301 B StreetWashingtonKS66968785-325-2293
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Information About Warrant Records

Warrant records are a public document that keeps track of any court orders to secure the arrest of a person. They include an individual’s name, date of arrest and court proceedings pertaining to the arrest. Warrants can be issued by court judges, magistrates or other officers authorized by a law. Warrant records in Washington County contain these important documents for a person’s safety and security. Warrant applications are confidential and are stored strictly according to federal and state law. Warrant applications must be filed with the courts and they are then distributed to police departments and other law enforcement agencies through the mail.

Warrant records in Washington County describe an arrest, its particulars, date and venue of the arrest and names of the arresting officers. It states the reason for the arrest and the validity of the warrants. Warrant applications can be obtained directly from the sheriff or by going through a criminal records search website. When requesting a copy of a warrant application, there are several things that need to be provided including: full names of the individual; present address, date of birth and social security number of each person; names of immediate family members; and names of neighbors and present place of employment. The application may be denied if information not required is provided.

Warrant records in Washington County also contain other vital details such as the reason for the warrant, name of person who initiated arrest, names of accomplices, charges, date of issuance, signature of warrant, names of sex offenders, and description of crime. Details regarding arrest, except when the person has been arrested on suspicion of a specific crime, are explicitly stated in the warrant. Likewise, the date of issuance is also stated whether it was on a temporary or permanent basis. Likewise, warrant details are very limited, with only the most basic and essential information being disclosed.

Warrant records in Washington County are confidential and cannot be publicly accessed. Accessing this type of information is highly restricted and can be obtained only after a formal permission by the person in question. A person seeking such records must first inform the police department in Washington County where the warrant was issued. They will then give a copy of the warrant to the applicant. This copy must then be kept in custody of the police department and will then have to be produced to the person named in the warrant. The copy is to be given to the person only if and when he requests the record.

Warrant records are also stored under strict laws ensuring their accuracy and authenticity. For example, a copy of the original signed document is required to be given to any person seeking information. The same rules apply for any corrections that may be necessary. Warrant documents are sealed with the seal of the county in which they were issued and can only be retrieved by the court of law if and when the person named in the warrant is involved in some criminal activity.

The legal process of getting a copy of a warrant is relatively simple. However, one has to follow certain formalities such as filling up of an application form, submitting proofs of identity and even fingerprints. It would be prudent to seek the help of an attorney, preferably one who specializes in this area of law, to ensure that one obtains the correct details. Even then, the process can be tedious. Warrant records can also be searched online through a special database. Details are available for free but one has to pay a certain fee to obtain the more detailed version.

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