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Brown County Sheriff's Office709 Utah StreetHiawathaKS66434785-742-7125
Brown County Sheriffs Office706 Utah StreetHiawathaKS66434785-742-7125
Brown County Probation Department
Brown County Probation Department706 Utah StreetHiawathaKS66434785-742-7125
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Hiawatha Police Department413 Oregon StreetHiawathaKS66434785-742-2156
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Horton Police Department205 East 8th StreetHortonKS66439785-486-2694
Iowa Tribal Police Department3313 Thrasher RoadWhite CloudKS66094
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Warrant Records

Warrant records in Kansas contain the personal information of a person who has been arrested for a criminal offense. They are also known as court dockets or court Summons and are kept by the county sheriff. There is no statutory limit on the retention of the records.

Warrant records have become one of the most popular public records searches today because they give you quick and easy access to someone’s arrest record without much fuss. You can carry out this search right from your computer at home. There are many free online sites that offer these records. However, most of them may not be updated or correct. Hence it is always safe to go for the paid ones.

The first step while conducting a background check on a person is to gather all the necessary information about that person. This includes full name, date of birth, social security number, present address, employment details, current and past addresses, place of work and so on. Once you have the basic details, you can now search through the internet and find the details of the person who is the subject of the warrant. Most of the websites will allow you to perform an extensive search. In fact you can easily get tons of information about that person. These include physical description of the person, complete background history, name of family members, contact details and so on.

Performing a search of warrant records is very useful especially if there is an outstanding warrant out for a particular person. You can either perform this search yourself or have a third party do it for you. For instance if you want to know whether your nanny is really your girlfriend then you can check her background. Same goes for your son’s teacher. It helps in protecting your family and property from any harm. Besides, it also helps in maintaining order in the society.

If there is any suspicion that a person has been involved in any criminal activity then the authorities can easily trace that person. If a person is wanted then they are easily found. The first step to perform a search of warrant records is to find out the details of the person. You can either contact the law enforcement agency or county sheriff office directly. However, most of the agencies today have their own websites where you can perform a search.

There are various reasons why one would want to search the history of any person. However the most common reason is for maintaining peace in the neighborhood. You can also find out people who have changed their name. If you need to update you old paper work then you can simply search for the person and the new record will be added in your file.