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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2762)Wabaunsee County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Wabaunsee County Probation DepartmentPO Box 176AlmaKS66401
Wabaunsee County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Wabaunsee County Sheriffs Office / Wabaunsee County Jail215 Kansas AvenueAlmaKS66401785-765-2217
Alma Police Department326 Missouri StreetAlmaKS66401785-765-3922
Eskridge Police Department110 South Main StreetEskridgeKS66423785-449-2621
Maple Hill Police Department203 Main StreetMaple HillKS66507785-256-4272
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What is a Warrant?

Warrant records are a type of criminal records that include the arrest records, pending charges, and other court records. Worthy warrants are issued by a judge upon the basis of a crime that has been committed or an act that has been done in disregard of the law. The arrest record is one type of record that is considered public domain. Other records such as traffic violations and others are not considered public domain and can only be obtained through a lawful process.

It is possible to get a criminal record check from the local courthouse in warrants in Wabaunsee County. All warrants must be filed in the Wabaunsee County Circuit Court and they are considered public record. This means that the information contained within is available to anyone who requests it. Anyone other than law enforcement and attorneys can obtain the information from the courthouse. You should not have to go through any legal issues to obtain this criminal information.

When applying for a job in Wabaunsee County, you will have to take a background check. If you are seeking work at county government agencies then it will be a requirement that you take a criminal record search. This is usually done when applying for jobs that are higher paid and involve higher responsibility. If you have been arrested for a felony you may not be able to apply for certain positions in county government.

Obtaining a warrant can be difficult. Most counties in Kansas do not list their warrants on their websites. If you know where you were arrested, though, you can obtain this information. Contact your local police department and ask about any warrants that they may have. You may find that they do not list warrants because many crimes are committed in another county than where you were arrested. If this is the case in your case then you may still be able to get this record.

Warrant records are considered public record and can be accessed by anyone who is legal age. An authorized person who is requesting information about a person’s criminal history can gain access to the warrant records. They will need a person’s first and last name, address, service provider and other important information to help them find the warrant. It is important to keep in mind that warrants are only obtained through court order. If you try to get a warrant on your own, without the proper paperwork, then you could face criminal charges.

To learn more about warrants, including what kind of warrants are available, you should speak to a detective. They can tell you if you have a warrant for your arrest and what documentation is needed in order to get one. If you already have a criminal record, an experienced defense attorney can help you secure relief from the criminal record. Many times, a criminal record alone will not show years of crime, though. A defense investigator can look into your case and review documents to find proof that your arrest is legitimate.