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(2656)Rawlins County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Rawlins County Probation Department100 8th StreetAtwoodKS67730785-626-3997
Rawlins County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Rawlins County Sheriffs Office / Rawlins County Jail607 Main StreetAtwoodKS67730785-626-3208
Atwood Police Department106 South 3rd StreetAtwoodKS67730785-626-3833
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Rawlins County Criminal Records
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How Do You Access the Criminal Records?

The Warrant Records in Rawlins County Kansas are public record. It is recorded in the Probate Court ofenton County. This records are maintained by the Probate Court, and it is a source that can be searched by anyone who needs to find out if someone was convicted of a crime, and has a criminal background. You can also search through this records to check if there is any warrants out for your arrest or for your person’s arrest.

Warrant Records in Rawlins County are maintained on the county level and the copies are available for access by any of the police officers and other officials. If you are a criminal investigator then you would definitely require these records to help you with your research about a particular person. There are certain circumstances under which the criminal justice agencies keep these records. For instance, if the person is suspected of having committed a crime against a person or property and if the crime was not committed in their presence, then the records will help you out.

These records are basically reports or verification about an individual. These are kept for three years. After that, if the person is convicted for a fresh crime, his case will be entered into the system. The records will then be available for anyone who needs to have a copy of it. The criminal defense attorney can get hold of the Warrant Records in Rawlins County through the KPDE.

The KPDE keeps the Criminal Records in its database. To look up for a criminal record, just contact the KPDE and they will provide you with the required details. When you are requesting the report, just have your personal information prepared and state the purpose for which you want the report. The KPDE will also provide you with the name of the agency, address, date of birth and social security number of the person in question.

However, the records can only be obtained from the KPDE. You can also go to the courts of law and request for the warrant records. There are many online sites from where you can easily access the warrant records. Some of the warrant records may not be available due to privacy reasons.

So, how do you keep track of your criminal record? If you are involved in any criminal activity, immediately inform the police and get a copy of the criminal complaint filed against you. Keep a copy with yourself at all times as the crime is still fresh in your memory. It will help you if you need to prove your identity when needed. It will also help you if you are applying for a job and your prospective employer needs to verify your background.