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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2361)Gray County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Gray County Probation DepartmentPO Box 487CimarronKS67835620-855-3916
Gray County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Gray County Sheriffs Department300 South Main StreetCimarronKS67835620-855-3916
Cimarron Police Department119 South Main StreetCimarronKS67835620-855-2215
Kansas Highway Patrol Troop E Zone 2911 North Main StreetCimarronKS67835620-855-3040
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Overview of Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Gray County, Kansas are public information and they can be accessed through various mediums such as the internet, by contacting the county sheriff, or by contacting the office of the clerk of court. They can also be obtained by physically going to the courthouse where the warrant was filed. There are a few options which can be used in searching for these records. The first option is to personally visit the courthouse to search for the records, however, this option is quite time consuming and many people find it inconvenient as the process may take more time than what is needed.

Information regarding warrants can also be obtained through searching online. Most public databases online will have the warrant status of the person and the crime that the person is being charged with. The date of the arrest and the warrant issued against him/her can also be found on the website. This helps the person to track down the situation when he/she faces any problems such as harassment from a person owing money. The website also gives the name of the police officer who arrested the person.

Warrant Records in Gray County, Kansas are not only important during investigations, but they are also important during the person’s defense. Criminal lawyers who are handling criminal activity cases will look into the person’s background and whether or not there are any warrants out for his/her arrest. The records will prove if the person has any criminal activities and will also help in deciding the kind of case he/she will be fighting. This is very crucial in making the client’s defense strong.

Warrant records keep track of the criminal activity of a person. There is a very thin line between having a warrant and not having one. People are innocent until proven guilty and when there is sufficient evidence to prove that a person is guilty of a certain crime, a warrant for arrest will be issued. Under normal circumstances, the person in question can choose to turn himself in to the law enforcers and face the charges. But most people would rather just remain silent and hope that everything will work itself out eventually.

Warrant records reveal all the information that is registered about the person. It includes the person’s date of birth, present address (including postal code), his social security number, phone number, place of work and other relevant information. These records are always available to the public from the county office where the criminal activity took place. People can search for warrant records online, but certain restrictions apply. Before searching, make sure that you are accessing the correct records.

Warrant records help law enforcement agencies in the performance of their duties and ensure that the people they come across in their investigation are safe. The records are used by the police, immigration agencies and other law enforcing agencies to identify criminal offenders. For instance, if an individual is suspected of being involved in criminal activity, he is usually quizzed by the authorities. Through the help of the criminal records, they can determine the validity of the suspect’s claims. The search is usually confidential.