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(2292)Cloud County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Cloud County Probation Department811 Washington StreetConcordiaKS66901785-243-8175
Cloud County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Cloud County Sheriff's Office103 West 9th StreetConcordiaKS66901785-243-3636
Cloud County Sheriffs Department / Cloud County Jail2090 Fort Kearney RoadConcordiaKS66901785-243-3636
Concordia Police Department401 West 6th StreetConcordiaKS66901785-243-3131
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How to Search and Access Warrant Records Online

Warrant Records in Cloud County Kansas are confidential documents that allow law enforcement officials to find out if there is a person who they have a warrant out for. A warrant can be issued for a variety of reasons. Some warrants are issued based on suspicion of a crime, while others are just for suspicion of wrongdoing. When a person has a warrant out for their arrest, it means that police and other law enforcement officials want to find that person and make an arrest.

Warrant Records in Cloud County Kansas deal with these warrants and how they get created and who they affect. Warrant Records in Cloud County include the names of the persons accused of the crime, their addresses, and the crime they allegedly committed. All this information is kept confidential and is only accessible by law enforcement officials and other authorized parties involved in the case. Only specific details contained in the records can help officials track down a person involved in a crime.

The first place that the person’s name appears in Cloud County is within their arrest records. If a person has been arrested for any crime, that person’s name will appear in the records of their arrest. This is information that you can find if you do an online background check.

After you have found the record for the person, you can look at the crime that they are accused of committing. You will need the persons name and any other information that might be relevant to the investigation. For example, if you were investigating a person for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, you would need the person’s name and the state they live in. Any other information that is relevant to the case such as address and phone number may also be needed. This information is not available to the general public.

To conduct a search, you can go online and visit the website of the county sheriff or the courthouse where the warrant was filed. To get more specific about a person’s criminal history, you can do an internet search with one of the numerous online criminal background search services. These services allow you to run a search through their national database. They will search through all the federal and state government’s databases so that you can find out if there are warrants out for their arrest. This service is completely confidential, so you will never have to worry about being searched for this information.

If a search turns up a warrant, the person will be arrested. It is important to remember that a warrant can only be issued by a judge after there is an investigation. If you are ever stopped by a law enforcement officer and they ask you to produce a warrant, you should produce it immediately. A warrant can be valid for any number of reasons including robbery, grand theft auto, assault, murder, sexual assault, disorderly conduct and more.