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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2737)Decatur County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Decatur County Probation Department207 North Main StreetLeonIA50144641-446-4111
Decatur County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Decatur County Sheriff Department207 North Main StreetLeonIA50144641-446-4111
Decatur County Sheriff's Office207 North Main StreetLeonIA50144641-446-4111
Lamoni Police Department135 South Linden StreetLamoniIA50140641-784-8711
Leon Police Department104 West 1st StreetLeonIA50144641-446-7733
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Decatur County Criminal Records
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How To Run A Warrant Records Search

Warrant Records are an important part of the legal system and if you’re looking to find public records about someone, you will need to go to Decatur County Iowa Records. In order to search the records of a person, you have to get the person’s name and birth date. You can also try a free people finder or county courthouse website to see if you can find any public records about the person. However, if you have more specific information on file such as the person’s address or criminal record, you may need to pay for a subscription to get that information. If you can’t find anything after doing this, you will need to use your State’s Record Office or County Clerk’s Office in order to obtain the information you need.

There are different reasons to run a warrant search. If the person you’re searching for has a criminal record, you might want to run a background check so you don’t repeat a crime. If the person you’re running a warrant search on has a traffic violation, it could mean that they are wanted on a warrant. Another reason is to run a check on someone before hiring them. In either case, you need to be able to prove that they have a legal right to be in the United States.

Searching public records online is very similar to searching the newspaper. It is easy enough with the newspaper database but you can’t do everything with it. If you’re looking up someone’s immigration records, you can search the same database as the newspaper but you won’t be able to print out anything that is public. If you want to search for a person’s marriage records, you can go to the county courthouse but it is very limited information and you will only find out the location of the marriage and the names of those involved if they are registered in the state.

When you run a warrant records search, you have to know exactly what you are looking for in order to make sure you get accurate information. You also need to know if there are any other public records available about this person. For example, if you have an outstanding traffic ticket, the judge will probably make you enter a plea so you don’t have to stand trial.

If you have any other public records such as warrants, arrests or convictions, they may have been sealed by the court. They usually seal them until the final judgment is made. This means that you can’t find them on an individual record. The exception is that a warrant can remain on an individual record until it is served.

If you run an internet search on warrant records, you may find many different information sources. Some sites may charge for their services. It is best to do your research online before you decide to go with one. Make sure the site is secure before you give any information over to them. If you use a free service, check to see if the site has a money back guarantee.