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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2650)Clinton County Police Departments
Clinton Police Department113 6th Avenue SouthClintonIA52732563-243-1458
Clinton County Police Departments
Camanche Police Department819 South Washington BoulevardCamancheIA52730563-259-8575
De Witt Police Department606 9Th StreetDe WittIA52742563-659-3145
Clinton County Sheriff Department
Clinton County Sheriffs Department / Clinton County Jail241 7th Avenue NorthClintonIA52732563-242-9211
Clinton County Probation Departments
Clinton County Probation Department400 East 11th StreetDe WittIA52742563-659-5125
Carroll County Probation Department301 Main AvenueClintonIA52732563-244-9171
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Warrant records are a legal document that is created when a person gets arrested and it provides evidence if the person is charged with an outstanding warrant for their arrest. One will find in Clinton County, Iowa that warrants are one of the most common searches among those that are law abiding citizens. The best way to keep track of a person’s arrest record is to obtain a copy from the jail.

However, the record should be accurate and current since this is a public document. In other words, you can not do this for free. The fact is, warrants are created every minute of every day. They are mostly issued by federal judges in the districts of New York, Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. In the State of Arkansas, warrants are also created by magistrates courts and they are also carried out by police officers on duty at the place of arrest. It is very usual to get a search on a person by using these warrants.

There are a number of reasons why a person might want to look into the warrant records of an individual. It can be used as evidence against that person in a court of law if there is a trial to be had. If you want to hire someone for a job, you can go through the record to ensure that he is not a convicted felon or if he has any outstanding warrants out for his arrest. You can also check to make sure that your spouse or partner is not having an affair with someone else because these types of things tend to come up in the background check.

The reasons are endless. When searching for a warrant, you will be directed to go to the courthouse in the county where the person was arrested. This can be a very challenging task as most counties have several courthouses and it can take quite some time to search through them all. After finding the courthouse, you will be sent to the designated division where you will have to go through the stack of paper to find the record that you want. In the case that you do not find the record you are looking for, you will have to search again until you locate what you are looking for and then you simply enter it into the electronic database.

Warrant records are very helpful when hiring a new nanny or babysitter and even when you are hiring a company employee. It is a good way to know that the person that you are about to hire has no history of crime in their past. In addition to this, you can also use the criminal records of a person to see if they have any outstanding traffic offenses on their record. Most counties only release the person’s driving records so if they have had an accident or an arrest, you may not be able to obtain the records.

When you are searching for warrant records, you can find the names of the persons involved and the crime they were arrested for. You can also get other information such as the aliases that the person goes by, any aliases that they use during the day, any contact information such as phone numbers or addresses and sometimes the social security numbers of the persons. This information allows law enforcement to locate the person and arrest them. If you need to do a background check on someone, you can go online to do a nationwide search to get the information you need.