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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2833)Jackson County Police Departments
Bellevue Police Department106 North 3rd StreetBellevueIA52031563-872-4545
Jackson County Police Departments
Maquoketa Police Department102 South Niagara StreetMaquoketaIA52060563-652-2468
Preston Police Department1 West GilletPrestonIA52069563-689-6868
Sabula Police Department504 River StreetSabulaIA52070563-687-2252
Sabula Police Department411 Broad StreetSabulaIA52070
Jackson County Sheriff Departments
Jackson County Sheriff's Office104 South Niagara StreetMaquoketaIA52060563-652-3312
Jackson County Sheriffs Office / Jackson County Detention Center102 South Niagara StreetMaquoketaIA52060563-652-2305
Jackson County Probation Department
Jackson County Probation Department201 West Platt StreetMaquoketaIA52060563-652-4249
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How to Perform a Warrant Records Check Online

If you’re in need of finding someone’s criminal background information, searching through the public records in Jackson County, Iowa is your best bet. This part of the country is home to Iowa’s criminal justice system and all the proceedings that take place within it. There are all kinds of records stored here including arrest records, court records, felony charges, warrants for arrests and even sex offender records if any have been reported.

Warrant Records in Jackson County are maintained in the county courthouse where the offense took place. This is usually done on an annual basis and it is free to access. You can also search for these records online though only a limited amount of information will be given back. The state of Iowa does not require anyone to give you a reason to search a criminal history and you are entitled to perform the search without giving any reasons. There is a maximum of seven years for you to hold a criminal record.

It’s possible that the most basic of criminal background checks could bring up a report on a person. If you are looking into hiring someone to work for you or for your kids, there’s no need to take the risk. By performing your own criminal background checks on potential employees and/or teens you’ll be better prepared for what might happen to you or your family. You may want to think about having a professional run one of these searches, especially if you have any particular family members you would like to check into.

These records are considered public domain, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t private. In fact, some people wonder why they are being kept so long and/or why they only show one part of someone’s record. The truth is warrant searches were kept private for a reason. Because these documents contain information on criminal activity, they are kept confidential. Therefore, you can only get limited information about a person through a warrant.

There are a couple of reasons why these criminal background records may be required to be kept private. One reason is so employers can’t hire someone with a criminal record. Another reason is so someone can’t use a false background to get a job. Some employers also want to be sure that their new employee isn’t a sex offender or something.

Performing a warrant records check is easy. You only need to go online to a site that offers this type of search. Most sites allow you to perform multiple searches for a little fee. If more information is needed from the records, many sites allow you to purchase additional searches for an additional fee. These records are very affordable and are worth it if you are serious about finding out the truth about the people around you. Don’t let shady people stand between you and the person or business of your dreams!