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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2946)Pocahontas County Police Departments
Pocahontas City Police Department23 West Elm AvenuePocahontasIA50574712-335-3536
Pocahontas County Police Departments
Fonda Police Department104 West 2nd StreetFondaIA50540712-288-4466
Gilmore City Police Department304 South Gilmore StreetGilmoreIA50541515-373-6326
Laurens Police Department272 North 3rd StreetLaurensIA50554712-841-4414
Laurens Police Department107 Iowa 10LaurensIA50554712-841-4414
Rolfe Police Department319 Garfield StreetRolfeIA50581712-848-3124
Pocahontas County Sheriff Department
Pocahontas County Sheriffs Office / Pocahontas County Jail99 Court SquarePocahontasIA50574712-335-3308
Pocahontas County Probation Department
Pocahontas County Probation Department99 Court SquarePocahontasIA50574712-335-3308
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Pocahontas County Child Support Warrants
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Pocahontas County Sex Offender Registry
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Information on Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Pocahontas County Iowa are one of the most important public records that are available in the county. These records contain a persons criminal past and arrest record if they have been convicted of a crime and the judge has approved the warrants for their arrest. Warrant Records are designed to make it easier for the police or other law enforcement officers to find and arrest a person who is on the run.

The first step that is taken in locating a person that you need to find their warrant information is to take the persons full legal name, maiden name, and Social Security number. All three of these things will help to provide the authorities with enough information to locate the person easily. The social security number will help give the authorities the persons full name and any previous addresses as well.

You can also search for a persons criminal background by searching online for these records. This can be a very effective way to do an initial search on a person. Performing a criminal background search will give you the persons full name and any other relevant information regarding their criminal history.

When you conduct a criminal background search you can get a persons full court records, arrest records, inmate records, mug shot records, and many other types of public record information. The search can also give you access to the persons social security numbers as well. Most people do not know this, but a person’s social security number is considered to be part of their public record. If you were to search for these numbers you would end up with all the information that you could possibly need to gain insight into a persons life.

You should also be aware that the above information will only show up if the person has been convicted of a crime. If a person has been convicted of a civil crime their warrant records may not show up. This means that you would have to search for the person’s conviction records. This can be a very time consuming task as these records are not easy to locate. If the person has a clean record there is a good chance that their warrant records will not show up.

Finally, the best thing that you can do when trying to conduct a criminal background check on someone is to use a professional company that specializes in doing public records searches. These companies will be able to locate all the warrant records that you may be searching for. This means that you will be able to find out the truth about the people around you. The information provided by these companies can be very valuable when it comes to protecting yourself and your family.