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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2639)Butler County Police Departments
Aplington Police Department409 10th StreetAplingtonIA50604319-347-2424
Butler County Police Departments
Clarksville Police Department115 West Superior StreetClarksvilleIA50619319-278-1911
Greene Police Department123 North 2nd StreetGreeneIA50636641-816-4242
Parkersburg Police Department608 Iowa 57ParkersburgIA50665319-346-2422
Shell Rock Police Department303 South Cherry StreetShell RockIA50670319-885-4434
Butler County Sheriff Department
Butler County Sheriffs Office / Butler County Jail428 6th StreetAllisonIA50602319-267-2410
Butler County Probation Department
Butler County Sheriff's Office428 6th StreetAllisonIA50602319-267-2410
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Getting Access to Warrant Records Online

Warrant Records are records that serve to protect a person from being harmed physically or emotionally by another person. These records are kept in two different places. One place is in the county the person lives in and another place is the county where the crime took place. In Butler County, Iowa, these records can be searched via any of the public record services located in the county.

In most cases, these records will reveal that a person has been charged with committing a crime. For example, if a person has been accused of domestic violence, they will most likely have a police record. This record will reveal any contact the person had with the law. It will also reveal other things about the person. For example, if the person was investigated for rape, it will reveal the type of clothing they were wearing at the time, where they were present and what they were doing at the time. Knowing this information can prevent a person from being involved in any further crime.

If you need to know if a person has a criminal record, you will need to go to the county the crime took place. You will need the persons name and their date of birth to check if they are in their custody or not. If you do not have this information you may call the sheriff’s department. They will be able to tell you if the person is in their custody or not. However, you will need to know the crime and the date of the crime for this to be true.

There are several reasons a person might want to get a copy of a person’s criminal history. If you have a person who has moved into your neighborhood and you do not know their history, you should know about this person. If you have children and suspect a parent could be a criminal, it is important to know this. Also, if a friend is wondering about your background, they could use a search to find out who you are.

By going online you can find a full report about any person’s warrant records. You can also get other types of warrants that have been issued against a person. These warrant records include driving violations and sexual offenses. You can use this information to ensure your safety. It is easy to forget to check one of these sites regularly, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Another reason why you would want to check a person’s warrant records is when you own a business and want to hire someone. You need to know the person’s criminal history before you allow them to work for you. You can learn this information by searching the website. It can help you to protect your business and yourself.

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