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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2896)Marshall County Police Departments
Marshalltown Police Department22 North Center StreetMarshalltownIA50158641-754-5725
Marshall County Police Departments
Le Grand Police Department104 West Main StreetLe GrandIA50142641-479-2464
Melbourne City Office111 1st StreetMelbourneIA50162641-482-3338
State Center Police Department118 East Main StreetState CenterIA50247641-483-2107
Marshall County Sheriff Department
Marshall County Sheriffs Office And Jail Complex2369 Jessup AvenueMarshalltownIA50158641-754-6380
Marshall County Probation Department
Marshall County Probation Department26 South 1st AvenueMarshalltownIA50158641-752-6322
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Where Can I Find Out More Information About Warrants?

If you are involved in any investigation that involves the acquisition of criminal acts, warrants or arrest warrants then it is necessary to find out and obtain copies of the underlying documents. Warrant Records in Marshall County Iowa are maintained by the courts as an integral part of the judicial process and can be searched via the internet. This will enable you to have access to this information without any difficulty or delay.

The discovery of a warrant for criminal behavior takes place when there is suspicion that the person committed a crime and there is reasonable suspicion that further investigation will reveal the facts of that crime. Warrant records provide the law enforcement agencies with the necessary legal authority to arrest the individual for the commission of the crime and also to execute the arrest warrant. There are a number of reasons why an individual may want to search for information regarding a warrant. You may need to search for any other records such as immigration related warrants or even for a divorce record. However, one of the most common reasons for searching for warrant records is to check if a person has an outstanding warrant out for their arrest.

The fact that searches of these records can now easily be conducted online makes it possible for the general public to access the underlying warrant information in their local area. In the past, a warrant could only be accessed by law enforcement officials and other related agencies. This meant that the person who had the warrant would not be able to come about their arrest. A warrant record search therefore was a significant investigation procedure that was only available to a few officials. Now anyone can obtain these records through a wide range of online databases.

Warrant records are basically compiled in many different locations across the country. There is a central statewide repository which contains all criminal and warrant records that are in the files of each state. However, if you would like to search nationwide then you will have to access the National Fugitives Wing (NTF) and the Federal Fugitives’ Information Bureau (FFI) websites. These services are basically comprised of databases which store criminal arrest information from around the country. When you search the websites, all you are provided with is the federal and state databases which you can then narrow down to specific counties or states where the person in question may have a criminal history.

In addition to searching for a person’s criminal history, there are a number of other reasons to perform a search on the Internet as well. If you are a small business owner and you are considering hiring new employees, then you will want to know more information about their backgrounds before you make them permanent employees. There are even times when landlords will want to check out the background of potential tenants to ensure they will not cause any trouble in the establishment. When you search online for a warrant record, you will not only be able to find the actual person’s name but you can also get their arrest record and warrant history. The full records should be available for anyone to view.

The best thing about performing a search online for warrant records is that the information is constantly updated. Many states are required to update warrant information annually, meaning that the public will always have up-to-date information regarding someone’s criminal history. Therefore, if you need to find out more information regarding a specific person, then you will be able to quickly perform a search to find out their criminal history and arrest record. If you need to find out more detailed information about a person’s warrant history, then you will probably need to hire a private investigator to obtain the information for you. Most private investigators will charge a few hundred dollars to perform the search, depending on what results you are looking for.