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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2936)Mitchell County Police Departments
Osage Police Department423 Main StreetOsageIA50461641-732-3777
Mitchell County Police Departments
Osage Police Department432 Main StreetOsageIA50461641-732-3777
Riceville Police Department123 West Main StreetRicevilleIA50466641-985-2367
Saint Ansgar City Police Department111 South Mitchell StreetSt. AnsgarIA50472641-713-4921
Mitchell County Sheriff Departments
Mitchell County Sheriff / Mitchell County Jail211 South 6th StreetOsageIA50461641-732-4740
Mitchell County Sheriff's Office532 State StreetOsageIA50461641-732-4740
Mitchell County Probation Department
Mitchell County Probation Department532 State StreetOsageIA50461641-732-4740
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Searching For Warrants in Mitchell County Iowa

Warrant records are used for many reasons, including criminal activity. The best way to find out if there is a warrant out for your arrest is to look up the warrants in your county. A copy of the warrant will be provided to you by your local courthouse. If you have any questions regarding your arrest warrant you should contact the sheriff’s office where the arrest took place.

There are laws that prevent private organizations and businesses from publishing this personal information. If you are reading this article you are attempting to get information on an individual you consider to be trustworthy. People all over the country are trying to avoid warrants by avoiding people they have no contact with. Some people go so far as to not let neighbors know they have a warrant out for their arrest. This type of behavior is extremely illegal and can result in serious consequences.

If you want to search for someone’s criminal records in Iowa you must first fill out an application for search. You will be required to give your name, date of birth and social security number. After you submit this information the record will be searched and sent back to you within about 5 days. You may be asked to pay a small fee if you need the records quickly. Once you receive the documents you will be able to see exactly what is written on the warrant. It is important to remember that these records are public record and anyone is free to access them.

When you are looking for information on a person’s criminal record you may be concerned about his or her previous criminal history. This is a good thing to do before hiring a person. Before you let them into your home you need to make sure they don’t have a warrant out for their arrest. A criminal background check can be completed when you request a record online. When you run a person’s criminal record information you will learn if they have been convicted of a crime. If the person has a clean record you should not worry about the information.

Another reason to find out about a person’s past is if you are dating someone or hire a nanny for your children. It never hurts to run a record check on the person. Most of the information that you will find on a record will be correct. There will probably be some mistakes on the records as well, but it will be minimal. The accuracy of the records will give you the most accurate information.

It is important that you know what a warrant is and how it works before you give any information about yourself over the internet. People can lie on their resumes and other documents so you will want to make sure they don’t have a warrant for their arrest. People can hide behind a computer but a warrant can reveal the truth. By running criminal records checks you will be keeping yourself safe from dangers and helping the system run more smoothly.