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(2746)Fremont County Police Departments
Hamburg Police Department1201 Main StreetHamburgIA51640712-382-1313
Fremont County Police Departments
Sidney Police Department604 Clay StreetSidneyIA51652712-374-2365
Tabor Police Department626 Main StreetTaborIA51653712-629-2295
Waubonsie State Park - Rangers Station2585 Waubonsie Park RoadHamburgIA51640712-382-2786
Fremont County Sheriff Departments
Fremont County Sheriff / Fremont County Jail701 Cass StreetSidneyIA51652712-374-2424
Fremont County Sheriff's Office701 Cass StreetSidneyIA51652712-374-2424
Fremont County Probation Department
Fremont County Probation DepartmentPO Box 359SidneyIA51652712-374-2424
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Searching For Warrant Records Online

Warrant Records in Fremont County are one of the most important public records maintained by the government. It contains all warrants and court orders for various violations and other infractions committed or ordered against an individual. Warrant Records in Iowa are generally available to anyone who requests it by going through the correct channels and paying a nominal fee. Warrant Records are more than just names and addresses, though.

In essence, a warrant is an order that authorizes someone to do something and only allow them to do that if they can show proof that they were given that authority by a judge. Without a warrant, a law enforcement officer cannot arrest that person. An arrest that was lawful has to be reported to the Circuit Court within 100 days, but if it did not involve an arrest warrant, the arrest isn’t reported. If the person doesn’t show up, their crime is not charged.

The type of criminal offense report that you can receive from a Warrant Records in Iowa consists of two parts. The first part will be the name of the person that was searched. You’ll also get their birth date and social security number. The second part is a detailed crime description. This will list all of the crimes the person has been convicted of, including details on when, where, and how they were convicted, along with their disposition dates.

Warrant records are public record and can be searched online via a public records search engine. However, it’s strongly advised that you get a copy directly from the county that holds the warrant. This is because different states have different laws regarding who can look up such records and they can have different requirements for doing so. For example, in some states you don’t have to reveal any details about yourself to search warrant records, whereas in other states you are required to provide certain information about yourself. Sometimes they even require a full disclosure of your identity, which can make it very difficult to perform a search without running into legal trouble.

Criminal history checks are one way that law enforcement and other private organizations run a criminal records check on a potential hire. These warrant records contain not only the person’s full name, date of birth, full address and social security number, but also their court records, any jail time they have served, and all of their contact details. They can sometimes even include a copy of their driver’s license. While this isn’t the most comprehensive of criminal background reports, it’s certainly good enough to know whether or not you should hire them for a certain position. In addition, these records also contain information about any sex offenses that the person may have committed, including the age, location and nature of the alleged offense. And since many sex offenses are reported under a variety of different names, such as statutory rape, date rape, forcible rape and even pedophilia, employers will often run a criminal records check to see if their potential employees have ever been accused of any such offenses.

When performing a search on criminal history records, it’s important to note that many warrant records are sealed, and not available to the public. Fortunately, many states have taken the initiative and have made their records available to the public online. Before using any type of criminal records search, make sure that you’re conducting a thorough, honest and legal search. After all, if you get caught with a criminal record, it could potentially land you in jail.