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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2637)Buchanan County Police Departments
Fairbank Police Department116 Main Street EastFairbankIA50629319-635-2111
Buchanan County Police Departments
Independence Police Department210 5th Avenue NortheastIndependenceIA50644319-334-2520
Jesup Police Department601 Young StreetJesupIA50648319-827-1919
Jesup Police Department791 6th StreetJesupIA50648319-827-1919
Buchanan County Sheriff Department
Buchanan County Sheriffs Department / Buchanan County Jail210 5th Avenue NortheastIndependenceIA50644319-334-2568
Buchanan County Probation Department
Buchanan County Probation Department210 5th Avenue NortheastIndependenceIA50644319-334-2977
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What Is a Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Buchanan County Iowa are held in the county clerk’s office in an off-site location. Anyone can obtain records from the courthouse. If you want to search for warrants or criminal history, you need to get an application for records from the courthouse. It is very important that you have all of the proper information so that you can proceed in getting the desired information. If you are in any doubt, you should contact the station directly to clarify any concerns you may have prior to beginning your search.

Warrant Records are not public information. You can only view them in person at the courthouse and then only by paying a small fee. Warrant Records are kept in folders in the circuit courts of each county. They can be obtained at no cost through a Freedom of Information Act request. There are exceptions to obtaining records this way.

First, there are some circumstances where the person being investigated does not want the record released. The most common reason for this would be if the person being investigated has a reputation of violence. This would include a person with a prior violent crime against a spouse, child, parent or any person they were married to in the past. If this is the case, you will not be able to get the records. There are also times when the person in question may simply have requested that they not be released due to privacy reasons.

In order to search for someone’s records, there are two options available to you. These options include free and paid searches. If you go with a free search, you will only be able to obtain limited information. In some instances, these records can only tell you the person’s first and last name, their current address, their social security number and how long they have been living in the area. It is also possible that the records will say that the person has been convicted of a crime and have a warrant out for their arrest.

When searching for records with a paid service, you will be able to find out more information. Some of the information that you can expect to receive includes information that pertains to where the person currently lives. You will be able to know if they have had a previous address change and why this is being done. You will also have access to their legal name and any other names under which they are known.

Being a member of a neighborhood watch group is a great way to keep your family safe from danger. However, some people make the decision to join such groups without really knowing what warrant records are available to them. If you were asked to help “look into” someone, it is a very good idea to find out as much as you can before you hire them to do this work for you. By being informed, you can protect your family and your business. The best part about doing your research online is that you can find tons of information at the click of a button.