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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2827)Harrison County Police Departments
Dunlap Police Department715 Iowa AvenueDunlapIA51529712-643-5721
Harrison County Police Departments
Logan City Police Department108 West 4th StreetLoganIA51546712-644-2424
Missouri Valley Police Department223 East Erie StreetMissouri ValleyIA51555712-642-2736
Woodbine Police Department515 Walker StreetWoodbineIA51579712-647-2345
Harrison County Sheriff Department
Harrison County Sheriffs Department / Harrison County Jail111 South 1st AvenueLoganIA51546712-644-2244
Harrison County Probation Department
Harrison County Probation Department111 North 2nd AvenueLoganIA51546
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The Purpose of Warrant Records

Did you know that the warrant records in Harrison County, Iowa, are maintained by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office? The warrants that they maintain are public and can be obtained from the courthouse. The warrant that you would obtain if you were a law enforcement agent would have to be endorsed by the sheriff. If you wanted to look up a person’s warrant, you would need to go down to the courthouse and you would have to fill out an application for the search. Once you applied for the search, then the clerk of court would look at your application to see what type of warrant you were requesting. You would only be able to search for criminal warrants.

A warrant is just one of the many things that are filed in a court of law. It states in black and white that a person has committed a crime and is now in default of their punishment. This means that they have neglected to appear in court on the date that was scheduled. They have also failed to appear as directed in their plea bargain. In these situations, the criminal background records are used to ascertain the full extent of a person’s criminal behavior and to ensure that they are fit to stand trial.

These documents also show if the person has had any previous arrests. It will also show any traffic violations that have been noted. Some people are accused of something that they didn’t do. In these situations, the documents will state who was the person that the police considered to be involved in the crime. That information would then allow them to detain that person.

The records will also reveal if the person has ever been involved in any criminal acts outside of the state in which they reside. These might include murder, rape, or even child abuse. It is not uncommon for a person to get arrested for drunk driving in another state. The only way to know for sure is to request these documents and see what they contain.

Warrant records can contain many other information besides what has been mentioned. Many times, the documents will contain the person’s original birth date. Some will also indicate if there are outstanding warrants out for their arrest. This could mean that they were arrested on an outstanding warrant when they went to a party and were arrested by the police. Sometimes, the criminal activity in question will have nothing to do with another person.

If a person is looking into getting a copy of their own warrant record, they should be aware that it could take up to six months before the documents are actually located. The major problem with this is that waiting that long makes it more likely that the person will break the law while they are in the process of trying to get the records. If they are caught, they can face years in prison. To avoid this problem, having someone else carry out the search. This way, the person can obtain the information they need faster and without worrying about getting in trouble.

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