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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2635)Boone County Police Departments
Boone Police Department923 8th StreetBooneIA50036515-432-3456
Boone County Police Departments
Boone Police Department525 Story StreetBooneIA50036515-432-3456
Madrid Police Department304 South Water StreetMadridIA50156515-795-3113
Ogden Police Department513 West Walnut StreetOgdenIA50212515-275-4562
Boone County Sheriff Department
Boone County Sheriffs Office / Boone County Jail1019 West Mamie Eisenhower AvenueBooneIA50036515-433-0524
Boone County Probation Department
Boone County Probation Department105 South Marshall StreetBooneIA50036515-432-7995
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Boone County Criminal Records
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How to Do a Public Records Search

Warrant Records in Boone County Iowa are used for a wide variety of purposes, among them to track down people, locate individuals, and perform background investigations. While public records have been used as part of the American People’s civil liberties right to access information about the people and places in government agencies like the police, courts, corrections, and homeland security agencies. The right to privacy of citizens has been protected by law from warrant records. However, some warrants that are authorized by judges are not released because they are too intrusive.

Warrant Records contain information about criminal acts, property crimes, felony charges, outstanding arrest warrants and court orders. These records can be used by a person who is searching for someone’s birth date, marriage records, divorce records, outstanding warrants and bankruptcy records. The search can also be done on driving and marriage records and criminal records. In addition to these records, you can also obtain criminal records search results for sex offenses, aliases, maiden names and phone numbers used by the subject of an investigation.

Warrant records search, however, is not limited to federal government agencies or state agencies. Individuals can also do criminal records search from private organizations which hold nationwide data base of criminal records. In the US, these records can be accessed from the Centralized Electronic Tracing System (CTRS). However, if you do access this database using any other methods, make sure you do it legally. Failure to comply with the requirements of the Privacy and Public Safety Act could result in serious legal sanctions. You could face charges of criminal fraud for accessing this database without authorization.

When performing a public records search online, one will come across many websites claiming to have free access to large database of public records. One should always be skeptical about such claims because free sites only serve to lure you into using their services. If you want to conduct a nationwide search, you should use the services of a reputable background check company which charges a minimal fee. These background check companies maintain large data bases of criminal records, civil records, arrest records, and other public records.

Conducting public records search helps the public and helps them in protecting their families. In fact, one can use the search to protect their spouse, children, parents, business partners and employees against falling victim to dangerous people. You can protect yourself, your family and loved ones from fraud and criminal activity by doing background check on a person before making any decision to hire a person for any position in your life. Through performing background check, you can verify the information given by a prospective employee and make informed decision regarding employment.

Searching for public records is now easy with the help of Internet. Many websites offer free access to public records which help people to verify the data provided by others and make an informed decision. However, if you need to find public records for any purpose related to criminal records, you should visit a professional background checking website where you can get access to entire database of criminal records with single click. You can use this website without paying a single penny. Moreover, you can get instant results.