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Jail Records Search – How to Locate People Free Using Jail Records

Public jail records are those records that are filed and maintained by the respective sheriffs departments of each county or state. These files are accessible to anyone who needs it by requesting the same directly from the concerned government agencies. In cases when someone has been arrested and convicted for a criminal offense, they are legally entitled to obtain public information about their arrest through the jail records. Jail records include booking photographs, mug shots and fingerprints, all of which are kept by the respective state’s or county’s correctional department. These public files are regularly updated and can be obtained through various online means.

However, accessing public jail records may not be easy especially if you don’t have Internet access at your home or office. In such cases, it would be best to contact the local courthouse or the Office of the Attorney General to look for and obtain these files on your own. There are quite a number of online search sites that help people find out information about public record information including jail records.

Criminal arrest records search sites compile public criminal records databases maintained by many courts, law enforcement agencies and similar state agencies together under one roof. Some sites require minimal fees while others are offered at no cost at all. The public records that are retrieved through criminal record search sites include arrest warrant reports, personal history reports, fingerprints, crime reports and inmate data.

In most states, jail records also contain some other highly sensitive information about an individual such as his current address, date of birth and social security number. If this important information is not correctly maintained and updated, it can make it difficult for officials to locate the person in the event of emergency. It can also pose a serious security risk. Criminals usually change their address when they get into jail to evade detection, thus making it hard to track them down when they re-enter the society. Accessing this vital information is therefore crucial.

Criminal background check services can also access jail records. These companies make use of publicly available database sources in order to get the complete picture of any individual’s past. Such services purchase public data from various government agencies, courts and other reliable resources. Then they sort the data to make it easier for users to retrieve it. This type of public records lookup is quite efficient because it provides real-time information.

Free public jail records lookup is possible on certain websites. However, such services typically provide incomplete and outdated information that may be of little use to people who are searching for detailed background check. This is because criminal records are usually updated and recorded from the state level upwards. This means that a free service may not have complete and up to date information about a particular person.