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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2949)Poweshiek County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Poweshiek County Probation Department201 South 3rd StreetMontezumaIA50171641-623-5679
Poweshiek County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Poweshiek County Sheriffs Office / Poweshiek County Jail4802 Barnes City RoadMontezumaIA50171641-623-5679
Grinnell Police Department1020 Spring StreetGrinnellIA50112641-236-2670
Grinnell Police Department611 4th AvenueGrinnellIA50112641-236-2650
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Warrant Records Are a Must Have When Searching For People With Criminal Records

Warrant Records in Poweshiek County Iowa are maintained to enable law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities to efficiently perform their duties and accomplish their goals as they are authorized to do. By viewing the records, those who are involved in criminal activities can be brought to justice. Warrant searches in a county such as Poweshiek can help bring criminals to justice. In some cases, those who commit crimes can be arrested and prosecuted while they are on probation or parole.

The most basic function of this type of record is to track down someone that has been arrested for a crime or may be about to be arrested. The records can also show other details about a person such as his or her social security number, court records, driving records and more. If you have any suspicions about someone then you can perform a search for them. There are many reasons a person might want to do a record search. It can help to identify a person involved in a criminal case whether or not they have actually been charged with a crime. It can be useful if you are suspicious about a person you just met.

These types of legal documents were created for the purpose of providing law officials and other authorized people with vital information. Without these records it would be very difficult to locate anyone at all. You will be able to find exactly what you are looking for when you conduct a search on any type of public record. All you need to have is the person’s name and birth date. The most basic search will provide you with a name and an address, but other advanced searches will give you additional information such as a warrant for arrest or criminal records.

The legal documents required to locate a person are actually very simple. When you are searching through records, the only things that are usually required are the person’s name and address. Some searches can be conducted free of charge and are relatively fast, while others may require a fee. The cost usually depends on which type of service you decide to use.

Some of the records that are available through a service include criminal and arrest warrants, marriage and divorce records, bankruptcy searches, sex offender records, and a host of others. If you are looking to hire a private detective to locate a person, you may want to consider using a legal document instead. This can be very effective, especially if the person you are looking for happens to be an ex-convict or has been convicted of committing a serious offense.

These days, many people use the Internet to conduct a search. While there are free services available, they do not have all the same types of resources that a professional legal services firm does. Using a legal firm can turn up a wealth of warrant records, including jail records, civil cases, probation records, and more. The information that you can obtain is comprehensive and will allow you to determine if you are dealing with someone who has broken the law.