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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(3022)Vigo County Police Departments
Indiana State Police - District 327751 South US Highway 41Terre HauteIN47802812-299-1151
Vigo County Police Departments
Indiana State University Police210 North 6th StreetTerre HauteIN47809812-237-5555
Terre Haute International Airport Authority581 South Airport StreetTerre HauteIN47803812-877-2252
Terre Haute Police Department17 Harding AvenueTerre HauteIN47807812-238-1661
Terre Haute Police Department1211 Wabash AvenueTerre HauteIN47807812-238-1661
West Terre Haute Police Department500 National AvenueWest Terre HauteIN47885812-533-2114
Vigo County Sheriff Departments
Vigo County Sheriff Department / Vigo County Jail201 Cherry StreetTerre HauteIN47807812-462-3226
Vigo County Sheriff's Office201 Cherry StreetTerre HauteIN47807812-462-3226
Vigo County FBI Offices
Terre Haute Indiana FBI Office30 North 7th StreetTerre HauteIN47807812-232-0993
Terre Haute Indiana FBI OfficeWabash AvenueTerre HauteIN47807812-232-0993
Vigo County Probation Department
Vigo County Probation Department202 Crawford StreetTerre HauteIN47807812-462-3414
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How to Search For Vigo Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Vigo County Indiana contain all felony and misdemeanor charges filed against a person by the City of Vigo. These are filed as court papers when a person is charged with a crime, but sometimes they are just sent to be recorded so that the City of Vigo can keep track of your history. If you are looking to get your own copy of any of these records, then you may need to request them from the Vigo City Hall Records Office. There are several options that you have when it comes to requesting this public information.

You can find this information at the City of Vigo’s civil office. This office has a website through which you can do your search. To locate the civil office, you first need to go to the seal office. At the seal office, you will be able to find the address of the civil office. You can then visit this office to inquire about your copy of a warrant. If you have any reason to believe that the person did not obtain a warrant, then you may be able to have their record sealed.

You can also request that any warrants that are on your person be destroyed. The Vigo Police Department will be the one to make this happen, so if you are certain that you want to see the details of someone’s record, then you should make this request with the Vigo PD. They will be able to provide you with a destruction order for the warrant that was issued. However, before you do make this request to the Vigo PD, you should make sure that you have checked the warrants out with the Indiana State Police because they will have a different order. In some instances, if the person has been convicted of a felony, then their record can be expunged, which means that it won’t appear on their record at all.

If you have any reason to believe that the person you are searching for either had a warrant issued against them or they committed a crime in Vigo, then you can go ahead and make a formal written request to the Vigo PD to get a copy of the warrant. You should keep a copy of the paper for yourself, because it is a completely separate document from a standard police report. If there are any visual records available for the person, such as mug shots or other printable images, you should also get these, as well.

When you search for Vigo warrant records, it will help you to keep in mind that these documents are highly confidential and are only available through the Vigo PD. This means that you should search for these documents with the help of an experienced attorney in the field of criminal law. Keep in mind that the actual search itself is quite involved and can take a while, so having an attorney with you will make things that much easier for you.

You will be required to give the warrant application information, such as the person’s full legal name, address, date of birth, Social Security number, and place of employment. You will also be required to state whether or not the warrant is based on criminal behavior, arrest, or outstanding warrants for your state. It will also need to include the reasons why the person has been arrested, as this will determine if the warrant is valid, or if the person needs to be released from prison immediately.