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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2800)Knox County Police Departments
Bicknell Police Department119 East 2nd StreetBicknellIN47512812-735-2255
Knox County Police Departments
Indiana State Excise Police District 51621 Willow StreetVincennesIN47591812-882-1292
Oaktown Town Marshal100 Broadway StreetOaktownIN47561812-745-3360
Vincennes City Police Department501 Busseron StreetVincennesIN47591812-882-1630
Vincennes University Police Department1201 North 2nd StreetVincennesIN47591812-888-5555
Knox County Sheriff Departments
Knox County Sheriff Department / Knox County Jail2375 South Old Decker RoadVincennesIN47591812-882-7660
Knox County Sheriff's Office135 North 8th StreetVincennesIN47591812-882-7660
Knox County Probation Department
Knox County Probation Department147 North 8th StreetVincennesIN47591812-885-2518
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Warrant Records and You

When a person is pulled over for suspicion of DUI or other criminal acts, they are asked to sign a document called an “Warrant of Arrest” or ” Warrant of Search and Release”. This document is legally required if the person is being searched and is considered “arrested.” In some counties across the United States of America, all drivers will have to sign this form prior to being released from police custody. However, in Knox County Indiana, a Warrant of Arrest does not need to be signed by the suspect or anyone else, so there is no reason to bother with these forms if you are arrested.

Generally, these arrest warrants are filed in the county where the alleged offense has been committed. Specifically, the jurisdiction that the document is filed under will determine where it is filed. If the person is arrested somewhere else than where they were accused of the crime, then their Warrant will be filed in the county where they are accused of that crime. The process for getting one of these warrants started can take a number of days.

There are several reasons that a Warrant of Arrest can be issued. First, some people are caught by virtue of having unpaid traffic tickets. When those tickets are not paid, they can lead to criminal charges being filed against the person. In some counties, an outstanding warrant can lead to a criminal record being expunged from a person’s record. It can also lead to a permanent criminal record not being able to be erased for a certain period of time.

A more common reason for a Warrant of Arrest is for drunk driving. If a person is driving under the influence of alcohol, then they can be arrested for that act. If they refuse to take a Breathalyzer test, or they are found passed out behind the wheel, they can also be arrested. Sometimes, they just want to drive home from the club, but cannot since they are intoxicated. Therefore, they are driving with a blood alcohol content above the legal limit.

Any type of records that have to do with a person’s arrest can be listed in a Warrant of Arrest. Some warrant searches can only work with federal and state criminal records. Other types of warrant searches can work with any type of public records. These are useful if you need to check up on someone or if you are suspicious about any person. They can also be useful when hiring a guard or something similar.

If you are looking to obtain warrants, then you should know that they are different from arrests. A warrant will only be honored if the person is found to be guilty of a criminal act. For example, a warrant for your neighbor would be honored, but it wouldn’t be very likely that you would ever be able to have them arrested for anything. However, they can be used if you have any suspicions about a person’s activities.

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