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Criminal Records Are Not Always Shown on a Criminal Records Check

Warrant Records in Jackson County Indiana are maintained by the FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation. If you are someone who is interested in searching for this type of information you will have to make a request through their website. It is important to remember that this is a criminal database and all searches are performed confidentially. The information is not shared with any third parties. There may be limited records of a persons arrest or conviction on file. This is also true if there are no warrants out for your person.

When a request is made for information about an individual; such as his or her name or address, the system would access the person’s criminal activity record from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The information is recorded into its own file. You would not be able to find this information about a person in the white pages. This file can only be accessed by the FBI. It would take them months before they would be able to provide you with this information.

There are different categories for the data that you will be required to give in order to conduct a warrant search in Indiana. You will need to know the person’s first and last names, any aliases the person may use, current address or employment location, social security number, birth date and place of birth. You will also have to know the crime the person has been charged with, when the crime occurred, the severity of the charge, any mitigating circumstances the person may have, and the person’s total criminal history. In addition to this you will also need to know the sex of the person, where the crime took place, if the crime is a felony or misdemeanor, how long the case was pending, the identity of the victim, and if the person was convicted of a drug related offense. All of this information is considered very sensitive and is used solely as a means of ensuring the protection of the public.

If you do not know how to search the Indiana State Recorder’s website you should contact your local county courthouse. Here you will be able to get all of the information that you need on a person. You can view all criminal activity that the person has committed in the past and you can see if they were involved in any civil proceedings as well. It is extremely important to keep track of one’s criminal activity because this information will be used for identification and tracking purposes. If the person is convicted of a crime you could lose your freedom. Therefore it is vital that you know how to obtain this information.

If the person you are searching for does not have a name, number, or date of birth you may still be able to find their record. A search through the Department of Corrections records will reveal a person’s booking photograph. Once you have the photograph you can perform an image search by using the person’s picture along with other information such as the person’s full name, date of birth, social security number, and any other additional information that you are able to find. The most current records are the ones that are most accurate.

Warrant records will allow you to identify if a person is involved in any criminal activity. This is a very useful tool that you should utilize if you ever become a victim of a crime. There is no reason for you to keep yourself and your family safe from danger. Performing criminal background checks is an easy way for you to keep yourself and your family safe. If you are ever worried about the activities of a person in your neighborhood, or just want to make sure that your children are in a safe environment, performing a criminal search online can be a great way to find out the information you need.