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(2973)Switzerland County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Switzerland County Probation Department212 West Main StreetVevayIN47043812-427-4450
Switzerland County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Switzerland County Sheriffs Department And Detention Center405 Liberty StreetVevayIN47043812-427-3636
Vevay Police Department210 Ferry StreetVevayIN47043812-427-3737
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How to Search Warrant Records in Switzerland County Indiana

All warrants are filed through the court of warrants and are filed with the Office of the Clerk Recorder of the circuit court. There are different types of warrants as listed in the state’s website. To access these records one must go to the Office of the Clerk Recorder where they can either search the records online or request a duplicate of an application form and then send it to the courts directly.

In Indiana a warrant is a legally binding contract between a person and the state. Warrant records help the public identify, locate, and arrest a person who has been accused of a crime whether they are involved in the commission of the crime or merely suspected of the crime. Warrant also help the police in tracking down individuals who have skipped out on their court date. If you have any doubt about an individual you have in mind going to a public records office is always a good idea.

You will be required to attend a short meeting where you will provide some information about yourself. The clerk then performs a search of the relevant records and provides you with a detailed report. This can be used as proof if you wish to see the person in question. The procedure is simple. In Indiana, you will be required to fill in a simple request form.

There is no charge for looking up warrant information in Indiana. These records are available from the courts, Federal Bureau of Investigation and other public offices. To look up a record of a person you can visit many different public offices in Indiana where the records can be found. The easiest way is to make a search online for public record websites.

In Indiana, records are maintained by different counties. This means that you can request records from the township courthouse in your county or from the county courthouse itself. Both these methods require a valid reason and there is a waiting period before you can obtain information. Once you have made the request, there will be a confirmation letter that will tell you whether the records can be searched. If they can, then you will receive the information on the screen or by email.

If you wish to view warrant records in Indiana, you need to contact the county courthouse. The clerk usually provides this service at no charge. However, you may need to pay a small administrative fee if you want a paper copy. If you do not want a paper copy, then you can pay a small fee for an electronic version.