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(2978)Vermillion County Police Departments
Cayuga Town Marshals DepartmentCurtis StreetCayugaIN47928765-492-4071
Vermillion County Police Departments
Clinton City Police Department259 Vine StreetClintonIN47842765-832-3232
Dana Police Department140 South Maple StreetDanaIN47847765-665-3447
Fairview Park Police Department281 South Washington StreetClintonIN47842765-832-5222
Vermillion County Sheriff Departments
Vermillion County Sheriff Department / Vermillion County Jail1888 Indiana 63HillsdaleIN47854765-492-3737
Vermillion County Sheriff's Office1888 Highway 63HillsdaleIN47854765-492-3737
Vermillion County Probation Department
Vermillion County Probation DepartmentPO Box 70NewportIN47966765-492-5385
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Understanding The Basic Function Of Warrant Records

Warrant records are typically used for a variety of purposes. Most commonly, they are used by bail bondsmen when they are investigating people they have arrested for crime. If a person has been arrested on suspicion of crime, they will most likely be taken to jail and later put into a facility where they will be questioned by police. At some point during the questioning, one of the questions that will be asked is if they have a warrant for their arrest. If the person says yes, then the bail bondsman will be forced to find out exactly what the warrant is for and then perform whatever they need to do in order to take the person into custody.

Warrant records are public record, so anyone can look them up. The only exception is if the person arrested has committed a crime against a person or property when they were arrested. In that case, the person could try to get their records sealed, but it will be an ongoing struggle. This can be a hassle, but there is no way to prevent someone from having it on file.

Another use for these documents is to find out the status of an employee. A potential employer will want to know if they have a warrant out for their life. There are even employers who will do background checks just to see if a person has a warrant out for their arrest. It is easy to get yourself in hot water if you are not aware that you have one. Make sure that you can quickly explain your situation to the person you are talking with.

Warrant records are sometimes used to keep track of teenagers that get out of school. Parents will check to see if their child has a warrant before sending them off to college or camps. In order to keep track of this, it is common for parents to get a search done at the local courthouse or county office.

There are even times when you will have to arrest a person for a warrant. Sometimes you are just a victim of theft who gets into an accident and winds up with a bit of a reputation to uphold. If you are the person in the car with the injured party, you will need to make sure that you have the person’s information. You may even have to go to court to get it. A warrant can prevent you from driving until the case is resolved.

Warrant records are used all over the place. Even if you are just going to hire someone to work at your house, it is still important to find out what they have been arrested for. It is also possible to check the criminal record of someone. If you see any warrants for their arrest, you should avoid hiring them. They could have a record of crime and you want to avoid associating with someone who has a criminal record.