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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2590)Brown County Police Departments
Brown County Community Corrections902 Deer Run LaneNashvilleIN47448812-988-7343
Brown County Police Departments
Indiana Department Of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division - District 61405 State Road 46NashvilleIN47448812-988-9761
Nashville Police Department200 Commercial StreetNashvilleIN47448812-988-0341
Brown County Sheriff Departments
Brown County Sheriff's Office39 North Van Buren StreetNashvilleIN47448812-988-6655
Brown County Sheriffs Office55 State Road 46NashvilleIN47448812-988-6655
Brown County Probation Department
Brown County Probation Office20 East Main StreetNashvilleIN47448812-988-5505
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Warrant Records – A Short Guide

Warrant records in Brown County are held by the courts and the law enforcement agencies that are specified by the statutes and laws of the state of Indiana. In general, these records include a person’s name, current address, court cases involving them and their charges, dates and durations of their arrests and other convictions, names of other parties involved in the case, the crimes they were arrested for, other pertinent information that might be useful to the public, and the victims of criminal acts (if any). These data are also kept in connection with immigration and criminal records as well. For example, sex offender records are obtained from the Marion county sheriff’s department and records that pertain to juvenile offenders are forwarded to the Lake County criminal justice office. The latter’s website provides access to several other Indiana databases. If you wish to search for this information, however, you will need to contact the concerned offices directly.

Criminal law and warrants are interrelated, but not identical. Warrant records reveal criminal activity and can be used for various purposes. However, they will only disclose warrant or criminal activity of a person while they were actually within the jurisdiction of the court holding the warrant. Performing a search on an individual will only yield results if the person was in fact convicted and served time in jail.

Warrant records also reveal the identity of persons who were named in criminal charges and who are suspected of committing additional offenses. They can help protect the public from sex offenders, violent offenders, and those accused of domestic violence. They are also necessary in the process of finding missing persons and in the apprehension and disposition of convicts. This can help law enforcement agencies in the identification, apprehension and booking of suspects involved in a series of criminal activities. Furthermore, these records also shed light on the activities of people having mental illness.

These records also play a crucial role in the process of finding a missing person. A person’s records are most vulnerable to theft and fraud if they are not kept in check. A competent background check service that performs a nationwide search on warrants and criminal records can identify the possible location of the individual even without physical contact. The services can perform nationwide searches using an up-to-date database that contains pertinent information of all warrants.

If you want to locate a person, you can also use this service. However, it is essential to note that you will only get relevant results with warrant records. For instance, you can learn the criminal activity of a person in another state or in another country. You can also learn about a person’s marriage and divorce history and other vital records. Although you can learn about the criminal activity of a person, it will be impossible to obtain financial information like bank details, credit card usage and any loans that the person may have.

However, if you have sufficient reasons to conduct a nationwide search, you can do so by using an online criminal background record service. This service can access pertinent information across all U.S. states, as well as the federal government. If you are searching for a person who has relocated to a new state, you can easily gain access to vital information through the National Sex Offender Registry. Moreover, if you want to know about the financial activities of a person, you can use the Nationalwide Search to uncover vital records such as tax liens, bankruptcy information and even arrest records.