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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2592)Cass County Police Departments
Cass County Jail100 Court ParkLogansportIN46947574-753-7800
Cass County Police Departments
Galveston Police Department302 East Jackson StreetGalvestonIN46932574-699-6664
Logansport Police Department601 East BroadwayLogansportIN46947574-753-4101
Royal Center Police Department104 East North StreetRoyal CenterIN46978574-643-3771
Walton Police Department100 Depot StreetWaltonIN46994574-626-3303
Cass County Sheriff Departments
Cass County Sheriff's Office200 Court ParkLogansportIN46947574-753-7800
Cass County Sheriffs Department100 Court ParkLogansportIN46947574-753-7800
Cass County Probation Department
Cass County Probation Department520 High StreetLogansportIN46947574-753-7780
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Accessing Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Cass County, Indiana are confidential documents filed by the City of Indianapolis in the county of Cassville. These records are not available to the general public. Anyone who needs access to these documents must file an application with the circuit court clerk.

A warrant is a court order that authorizes a law enforcement officer to arrest a person for a specified crime. The crime can be anything from possessing illegal drugs to tax evasion. Warrant records will show an arrest and search warrant issued by a judge. They will also reveal if the warrant was lifted or expired.

There are certain circumstances that will allow a warrant to be carried out even though the person has never been charged with a crime. For example, some marriages are considered legal marriages in Cass County. If a marriage is registered with the county, the clerk may carry out the marriage even if the two parties have never married. If the couple have never been married then the clerk may consider them married even without a certificate. Similarly, a person may have been ordered by a court to prevent another from coming into the country. A warrant will usually be made out for the person who has been accused of the crime and they will be arrested and held in jail until their trial date.

Warrant records contain a great deal of information about people. Details such as the person’s name, address, criminal record, past and present address, social security number and other relevant details can be found. If you are using a website to find this information then you may be asked to enter some contact information as well. It may include email address, telephone number or place of employment. This information is used to update the data base on the database and to check whether the person is who they say they are.

Warrant records are a highly important part of American life. Anytime there is reason to suspect the wellbeing of a person, they can be arrested. The purpose of the arrest is to prevent the person from interfering with any other person’s rights. Warrant records can reveal exactly who was arrested and what the exact charges are.

If you are in doubt as to the identity of a person, it can be prudent to hire an attorney. There are specific laws in place that protect the privacy rights of an individual. If a person is arrested for suspicion of crime, then they can access public arrest records to determine if there are any warrants out for their arrest. If you want to conduct a free search, then a person can access a warrant database for the purpose of checking whether a person has a warrant issued against them. This service is available to all and not just the police.