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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2915)Perry County Police Departments
Branchville Correctional Facility21390 Old State Road 37BranchvilleIN47514812-843-5921
Perry County Police Departments
Cannelton City Police210 South 8th StreetCanneltonIN47520812-547-2111
Tell City Police Department707 Mozart StreetTellIN47586812-547-7068
Perry County Sheriff Departments
Perry County Sheriff / Perry County JailSouth 7th StreetCanneltonIN47520812-547-2441
Perry County Sheriff's Office & Detention Center2211 Herrman StreetTellIN47586812-547-2441
Perry County Probation Department
Perry County Probation Department2219 Payne StreetTellIN47586812-547-8456
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How To Lookup A Persons Warrant Records

Perry County is one of the most politically powerful counties in all of United States and there is a ton of public information about warrants that have been granted or have been used as a way for citizens to be able to protect themselves from unlawful and dangerous activity by other citizens. If you need to search through warrants in Indiana you will find that if you are looking for an arrest record then you can easily access this information with a simple internet search. If you are looking for criminal background information then you may be looking at something different than an arrest warrant or criminal history.

There are certain reasons that you may be searching through a person’s warrant records. The most common reasons are to find out if someone you know is currently residing in another state, or may be on parole or probation. In these cases it may not be required to show identification or proving that the person is a resident of Indiana when requesting a copy of a warrant. A person can be served with a federal, state or even county warrant without providing identification.

It is also very easy to obtain someone’s criminal records through a warrant. All you need is the name and any other information that is available about the person and you can often get this information fairly quickly from any of the three major electronic databases that maintain warrant records. The three databases are Federal Bureau of Prison, FBI and Indiana State Police. Once you access these websites you can type in the person’s name and usually you will get the city and county that they reside in.

Some other reasons that warrant searches are done are to check on your nanny or babysitter who you are leaving the children with and to hire a new employee for your business. When you are searching for background records of anyone it is important to remember that you should only search through official government web sites. While you can obtain information from an FBI search or from a court records search online, it is always best to hire a professional who can perform an accurate background search. If the person has a past that you are unaware of, it may not hurt to dig even deeper and find out if they have been convicted of a crime.

There are many reasons that people want to search for other peoples criminal past and warrant information. You may have seen a person with a tattoo that you just can’t seem to remember and suspect that they may have been arrested for a crime. Also, you may have seen numerous people walking around with warrants pinned to their wrists and wonder how did they get their records sealed. In either of these situations, the person needs to know that they can now get an investigation done quickly and efficiently online to find out if they are in fact charged with a crime or not.

Today it is very simple to find a persons warrant records. If you know the person’s first and last names as well as their address, social security number and telephone number, you can search online to find the information you are looking for. Even if the person has not been charged with a crime, you never know when they may have a warrant for their arrest because someone could be stealing your identity. It never hurts to be safe so it’s always a good idea to check to see if a person has a record and then do your own background check before employing them or dealing with them on a regular basis.