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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2520)Bartholomew County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Bartholomew County Probation Department507 3rd StreetColumbusIN47201812-379-1640
Bartholomew County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Bartholomew County Sheriff Office / Bartholomew County Jail543 2nd StreetColumbusIN47201812-379-1650
Columbus Police Department123 Washington StreetColumbusIN47201812-376-2600
Town Of Hope Police Department711 Harrison StreetHopeIN47246812-546-4015
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How to Search For Warrants Online

Warrant records are public information in the county of Bartholomew and they include all warrants that have been issued, granted or denied. There are reasons that the issuing authority may have issues with releasing the records, like an appeal by the person to have the warrant dismissed, or if the person is in jail under what is called an aggravated sentence. The records will also show if a warrant has been returned for a person who is on parole. There are times when the investigating officer does not find enough evidence to file a case against someone and then they will just search the person’s background. Warrant records can tell them anything about a person, but it is not considered a full blown police report.

If you are looking into hiring a new employee at your company or another place of employment, you will want to run a background check on them. You should know this because if you don’t do this right, you could be putting your job at risk by letting a potentially dangerous person work for your company. There are many reasons to do a criminal background search on a potential hire, but sometimes the most basic of searches will not turn up anything that would give you peace of mind.

If you need to find out more about the background history of a person, there are warrant records available online. There are many different websites that offer warrant lookup services. One of the best places to start your search is on Google; simply type in the person’s name and search for warrants or criminal background. This will bring up links to other websites that offer warrant lookup services.

It is important that you know the person’s current address because this will help you find out if they have a warrant out for their arrest. If you do not know the person’s address, you should ask their friends or neighbors if they know where they work or where they go to school. Someone you trust may have seen the person with a warrant, so asking around will help you find out more information before hiring them. It can be very embarrassing to find out that your new employee has a warrant out for their arrest when you are trying to get your business running smoothly.

You can also check with the county sheriff to see if you can find out more about the person. You can get the person’s criminal record from the jail and arrest records from the courthouse. Some counties will only release the criminal record once they have been convicted, while others will allow you to search for the warrant at any time. Knowing the status of the warrant is important so that you are sure the person you want to hire does not have a warrant issued against them.

If you cannot find out the details of the warrant, you can always hire an investigator to perform an electronic search on the warrant records. This will ensure that you know everything you need to know without having to jump through hoops or waste your time looking through mountains of paper documents. You should also look into getting a background check, which will tell you more about the person you are considering for a position within your company. Warrant records can really protect your business by showing you if a position applicant has any history of violence or other crimes that would make them less than qualified for the job.