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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2702)Franklin County Police Departments
Brookville Police Department462 Main StreetBrookvilleIN47012765-647-4178
Franklin County Police Departments
Brookville Police Department634 Main StreetBrookvilleIN47012765-647-4178
Indiana Department Of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division District 9 Headquarters11050 Keeler RoadBrookvilleIN47012765-647-5835
Laurel Police Department123 Pearl StreetLaurelIN47024765-698-2233
Oldenburg Police Department3058 Pearl StreetOldenburgIN47036812-934-3556
Franklin County Sheriff Departments
Franklin County Sheriff Department / Franklin County Jail371 Main StreetBrookvilleIN47012765-647-4138
Franklin County Sheriff's Office371 Main StreetBrookvilleIN47012765-647-4138
Franklin County Probation Department
Franklin County Probation Department483 Main StreetBrookvilleIN47012765-647-5741
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Information On Warrant Records

Searching through the records for warrants is a part of being a criminal investigator in Franklin County, Indiana. This is because warrants are needed when a person is suspected of a crime and they then have to be arrested so that they can be brought before a judge and stand for their trial. warrants are only needed when there is probable cause to believe that a person has committed a crime.

There are many reasons why a warrant may be issued. A person may be arrested for suspicion of DUI. They may be arrested on suspicion of vagrancy. Probable cause exists if there is evidence that they committed a crime. This evidence could be DNA evidence from hair or saliva samples.

Warrant records in Franklin County Indiana show that people who are suspected of committing a crime will be booked into jail. In some cases a person may be taken to jail on suspicion alone. If the person does not come back after being booked then their warrant will be carried out. This means that the person will be forced to come before a judge and have their criminal records checked.

The reason for checking a person’s criminal records is so that they can determine whether or not they have a previous criminal record. This could help them avoid people that they know have a history of crime. For example, they could avoid hiring someone with a rape conviction on their record.

When a warrant is carried out on a person it will show up on their personal record. This means that they will have to check for themselves to see if they are on one. However, the courts in the county of Franklin do not keep a list of all criminal records. Instead, they have to request these records from the state police.

Once a person has their warrant, they could face jail time for not showing up at court when they were scheduled for their appearance. This can also apply if the person is on their own recognizance. There are times when a warrant will be lifted as well. For example, if a person is declared mentally incapacitated the court may not keep a warrant out. This is especially true if the person had a chance to check for themselves and it was determined that the person was not mentally incapacitated.

Searching for these records can be done through several different places. The first is with the local police. However, there is often an issue with getting this information as it often depends on the state that they are in. Some places have more limited data than others.

If you want to find out about warrants for yourself then you should consider using an online service to do your searches. These services make the information available to you quickly and easily. With most of these you will have to pay a fee for the information, but it is usually minimal. The best part about this option is that you can perform multiple searches on the same person and get the results that you want. This gives you piece of mind when you are out and about.

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