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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2696)Delaware County Police Departments
Albany Police Department212 East State StreetAlbanyIN47320765-789-6151
Delaware County Police Departments
Ball State University Police200 North McKinley AvenueMuncieIN47303765-285-1111
Daleville Police Department8019 South Walnut StreetDalevilleIN47334765-378-6343
Eaton Police Department211 West Harris StreetEatonIN47338765-396-3297
Gaston Police Department107 North Sycamore StreetGastonIN47342765-358-4662
Muncie Police Department300 North High StreetMuncieIN47305765-213-6403
Selma Police Department316 South Albany StreetSelmaIN47383765-289-0885
Yorktown Police Department9730 West Smith StreetYorktownIN47396765-759-7760
Delaware County Sheriff Departments
Delaware County Sheriff / Delaware County Jail100 West Washington StreetMuncieIN47305765-747-7885
Delaware County Sheriff's Office100 West Washington StreetMuncieIN47305765-747-7885
Delaware County FBI Office
Muncie Indiana FBI Office225 North High StreetMuncieIN47305765-282-1905
Delaware County Probation Department
Delaware County Probation Department100 West Main StreetMuncieIN47305765-747-7755
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The Basics About Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Delaware County Indiana are one of the most requested public records from people in this area. When you’re searching for these records you have to understand that there are many different types of records that fall into this category and that not everything that you may request will be available. Some of the things that you may get are criminal records, arrest warrants, workmen compensation claims, bankruptcies, legal restraining orders and many other things. The only way that anyone can help you is by explaining what they search and how they conduct their investigation.

A criminal record is one of the first things that you may receive when doing a background check on a person. This means that any person who has a criminal record can have their warrant records searched. If you are wanting to do a criminal record check then you can either use the county sheriff or do a record search online. If you go with the sheriff then you may have to have some personal information such as the person’s social security number or name and birth date before you can get a hold of the record. If you do an online record search then all you need to do is put in the person’s name and current address and the system will give you the results.

Arrest warrants are another type of warrant that you may receive. These are filed against someone when they have not been arrested but are wanted on suspicion of committing a crime. To access these records you must make an application to the court that issued the warrant. To get the application you must have the person’s permission and it must be signed by a notary. This is a good reason to hire a professional because you want to make sure that you have the right person and they will do their job professionally.

Workmen compensation claims are also considered a valid public record. These are usually for accidents that happen at work. In order to search these records you must file a claim and then wait a period of time before you can search the records. It is not easy to do this without the help of a trained person, especially since these are considered to be highly sensitive. You can perform an online search to see if your particular state has this type of record available.

A background check is a good public record to perform. This is one that can be done through local police stations. There is usually a small fee involved for this search but it is worth it for the peace of mind it will give you. This search checks to see if the person you are thinking of hiring had any warrants out for his or her arrest filed with the court.

Warrant records are only available in certain places and they are not easy to find unless you make an appointment with a courthouses. In some cases it will be easier to find the information if you go to the county seat where the warrant was issued. In other cases you will need to go to the town or city where the warrant was issued. When you search for warrant records online make sure that you are able to get the person’s name, address and other vital information about the person. This will give you all the details you need to be able to find the warrant and bring that person before the courts.