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(2797)Jefferson County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Jefferson County Probation Department300 East Main StreetMadisonIN47250812-265-8929
Jefferson County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Jefferson County Sheriffs Department / Jefferson County Jail317 Walnut StreetMadisonIN47250812-265-2648
Hanover Police Department11 North Madison AvenueHanoverIN47243812-866-2131
Madison Police Department101 West Main StreetMadisonIN47250812-265-3347
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The Purpose of Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Jefferson County Indiana are the bane of any individual that is involved in any type of criminal investigation, whether they be private or public. Any type of criminal activity can have this type of record logged against a person, to ensure that they are safe from any type of legal proceedings that might ensue. These records were started in 1832 when the Fifth Amendment was passed. This amendment states that all people are entitled to an “immediate trial” in a court of law. In order for this amendment to be applied in this manner; it must state that the accused can have an “immediate and secret trial”.

This can only occur, if the person that is accused has been notified of their rights under the constitution and has been given a chance to defend themselves. If the accused does not have access to these rights, they cannot have their day in court. Under these stipulations, once a person is accused of any crime, they will then be placed under arrest. From there they will be booked and taken to jail, where they will be processed under an indeterminate sentence, until they have had their trail.

In order to avoid having their day in court, many people attempt to manipulate the system by avoiding one’s arrest, and then subsequently having the crime charged against them dismissed. This is a violation of their rights, as they are under no obligation to answer to a crime that they are not legally represented for. It is also against the law for anyone to tamper with a police officer’s investigation, whether the act is meant to prove innocence or protect a guilty person.

A person can challenge an arrest through various methods, such as hiring an attorney. However, many times these measures are not enough to clear a person’s name. The Indiana State Police will then undergo an investigation into any claims of innocence that a person may make. If the State Police find grounds to believe that a crime was actually committed by a particular person, they will then be required to either drop the charges or present them in court. In order to obtain access to a person’s records, a person will have to hire a private investigator.

In order to obtain an arrest record in Indiana, a private investigator will inform the police of the occurrence. After the records are received from the police, they will then be forwarded to the Indiana State Police. Arrest records are kept in the Police Department’s records section. Per state law, it is also required to post the arrest warrant for public viewing. Therefore, if you want to find out if someone has an outstanding warrant, you will need to visit your local courthouse.

Warrant records are used in different circumstances. If you have a person who is suspected of a crime, but does not have a criminal record, you may wish to look at these types of documents in order to determine if you should hire that person to work for you or not. Similarly, if you have reason to believe that a friend is involved in wrongdoing, but you are unable to confirm it by visiting their home or workplace, you can search their criminal history online to see if they have a record. However, before you perform this search, you should make sure you know the person’s identity and where they live.

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