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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2916)Pike County Police Departments
Indiana Department Of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division - District 72310 Indiana 364WinslowIN47598812-789-9538
Pike County Police Departments
Petersburg Police Department100 South 4th StreetPetersburgIN47567812-354-8716
Spurgeon Police Department11440 Indiana 61SpurgeonIN47584812-354-4515
Winslow Police Department301 North Main StreetWinslowIN47598812-789-2207
Winslow Police Department411 East Porter StreetWinslowIN47598812-354-6024
Pike County Sheriff Department
Pike County Sheriffs Office / Pike County Security Center100 South 4th StreetPetersburgIN47567812-354-6024
Pike County Probation Department
Pike County Probation Department801 East Main StreetPetersburgIN47567812-354-8034
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The Process of Searching For People’s Warrant Records

When a person is arrested, the investigating officer must obtain a copy of the person’s criminal history through a Warrant Records Check. A Warrant Records Check is one of the most important things a police officer can do. It is important to conduct this type of check on any person you are interested in hiring, while driving in your vehicle, or going on any site that you are visiting. If you are interested in employment at City Hall, a bank, or any other place of employment, you will need to obtain a copy of your criminal history through a Warrant Records Check. This information will also be needed if you are a tenant seeking a new place to live in Indiana.

These records are kept by the Indiana State Police and the county sheriff’s office in each county in Indiana. The person’s name that is listed on the warrant will appear on the arrest warrant that is filed with the circuit court clerk’s office. From there it will travel through the courts and Federal Bureaucracy before being turned over to the FBI for delivery to their national database. This search can be conducted at the county sheriff’s office or the Indiana State Police. The information is provided for public access under the Freedom of Information Act.

In order to find out more about warrant records, one of the first things you should do is contact the Indiana State Police. They can tell you how many warrants were issued and which agency they were issued under. They can tell you if the person was convicted of a crime, when the crime was committed and any other pertinent information. You may have to pay for this information. However, it is the best way to learn more about a person’s past criminal activity.

You can contact the Federal Bureaucracy where you will have to fill out an application to access some of this information. You will have to pay a fee and will be able to view the same information provided by the Indiana State Police. This fee is only a small fraction of what the Indiana State Police will charge for the same search. You will also have the same access to conviction information as they do. However, you cannot get the information regarding a warrant until the person has been arrested and has been convicted of a crime.

If you need to look up a person’s criminal records, you will also need to know their social security number. This can help you narrow your search to a manageable size. If the person you want to look up has lived in another state before, there may be other ways to locate them without using social security number verification. There are commercial services that specialize in obtaining background data on individuals. You can use one of these to look up a person. These companies can perform background searches for a minimal fee.

Warrant records are not easy to find. You may need to spend a lot of time doing research before you find what you need. However, this is a very important aspect of criminal history that you need to have knowledge of. The cost for this type of record is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Having peace of mind is priceless!