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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2597)Daviess County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Daviess County Probation Department200 East Walnut StreetWashingtonIN47501812-254-8663
Daviess County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Daviess County Sheriff Office / Daviess County Security Center101 Northeast 4th StreetWashingtonIN47501812-254-1060
Elnora Police Department105 Main StreetElnoraIN47529812-692-5161
Odon Police Department109 South Spring StreetOdonIN47562812-636-8550
Washington Police Department101 Northeast 3rd StreetWashingtonIN47501812-254-4410
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Reasons to Check For Warrant Records

Warrant Records are the one of the most important records that have to be maintained by law enforcement agencies. This is needed by the courts, judges, lawyers, loan processors and insurance companies. The record includes all activities of a person for a period of time when he or she was taken into custody and it will show the date and location of the arrest, court hearings, bail proceedings, investigation and any other activity that occurred during the course of the person’s incarceration. If you want to search for warrants you have two options to choose from: conduct online searches or go to your local police station or county clerk’s office.

Searching for warrants on the internet is easier and more convenient compared to the other two options. There are various websites that offer this service to help people with their record searches. Most of the websites offer a free service but there are some who require a fee. However, the purpose of conducting a criminal record lookup on the web is not only to trace criminal activities of an individual, but also to protect the person from any possible threat that they may have. In other words, this will help you keep a safe distance from your targets.

The record can contain any type of information about a person like his or her name, address, employer, criminal record, business activities, bank account number, civil status and so on. The search is mainly performed based on a person’s name and any other information that you may find useful. Once you have the name and other information about the person, you can start conducting a search on the website. However, you must know that even if the person has been convicted for any criminal activity in the past, there is no guarantee that he or she has committed the same crime again. Conducting criminal records checks can help you stay away from any danger that might come your way.

However, before you conduct a search on the warrant database you need to make sure that the person you want to search for has actually been convicted at the court of law. This is important because if the person you are looking for has a criminal record then you cannot simply cross-check it against the warrant. The person may not be convicted but he or she could still have a record against him or her. The only way to do this is to personally visit the courthouse where the warrant was filed. However, this is quite a difficult task that most people would rather avoid.

Warrant records can also be used to check up on employees or tenants. Employees can easily be tempted to work beyond the agreed hours and when this happens then the employer will have the legal right to fire the employee. If you are a landlord then you can also be alerted if your tenant has been in any criminal activity. You can use this information to ensure that your property is secure. This will also stop any break-in from happening.

Criminal records check websites can also be used by any business to determine whether the person working for them is safe enough to work for their company or not. They can perform a background check on the person to ensure that they are not a person who has previous criminal activity. You can even use this information to help you choose a nanny or babysitter for your children. You can always ask for references before hiring a person to care for your kids.