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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(3037)Williamson County Police Departments
Cambria Police Department105 South Maple StreetCambriaIL62915618-985-2211
Williamson County Police Departments
Cambria Police Department103 Maple StreetCartervilleIL62918618-985-2211
Carterville Police Department300 North Division StreetCartervilleIL62918618-985-4853
Crainville Police Department1205 Main StreetCartervilleIL62918618-985-4311
Creal Springs Police Department507 WalnutCreal SpringsIL62922618-996-2049
Elkville Police Department507 North Walnut Grove RoadCreal SpringsIL62922618-568-2222
Energy Police Department210 North Pershing StreetEnergyIL62933618-942-5833
Herrin Police Department321 North 14th StreetHerrinIL62948618-942-4132
Herrin Police Department300 North Park AvenueHerrinIL62948618-942-4132
Hurst Police Department111 Bush AvenueHurstIL62949618-987-2469
John A Logan College Security700 Logan College RoadCartervilleIL62918618-985-2828
Johnston City Police Department500 Washington AvenueJohnstonIL62951618-983-6362
Junction City Police Department1013 South Madison StreetMarionIL62959618-532-5899
Marion Police Department100 South Madison StreetMarionIL62959618-993-2124
Pittsburg Police Department302 West Avery AvenuePittsburgIL62974618-997-3267
Spillertown Police Department811 West Concord StreetMarionIL62959618-997-2596
Spillertown Police Department102 Community DriveMarionIL62959618-997-5533
Williamson County Sheriff Departments
Williamson County Sheriff Department / Williamson County Jail200 West Jefferson StreetMarionIL62959618-997-6541
Williamson County Sheriff's Office200 West Jefferson StreetMarionIL62959618-997-6541
Williamson County FBI Office
Marion Illinois FBI Office3423 Office Park DriveMarionIL62959618-997-6847
Williamson County Probation Department
Williamson County Probation Department201 West Main StreetMarionIL62959618-993-1840
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How to Search For Warrant Records Easily

Warrant Records in Williamson County, Illinois have been created to assist with searches for any violations of law that are covered by the penal code and related documents. These records are available from the Office of the Clerk Recorder in the county of Cook alone. These records are filed electronically and include all felony as well as misdemeanor charges and all other infractions that have been filed against a person and is now being investigated for possible prosecution. If you have an individual in custody that has been charged with a crime it will be helpful to search this record to see if there are any warrants out for their arrest. You can also look up the status of your driving privileges to determine if they are revoked.

Warrant Records in Illinois are public information but only to certain people such as police officers, correctional officers and other law enforcement personnel. The state of Illinois only makes this data publicly available through the Office of the Cook County Records Registry. This registry was created in 2021 to allow persons who are law abiding and still in the process of raising a family to have access to these records. It was created to make it easier for employers to hire people that have not been convicted of a crime but who have traffic violations or other infractions. This makes it easy for the employer to check up on the person to make sure that they do have a clean record before bringing them into the workplace. This record makes it possible for the employer to find out if the person is a potential danger to their company.

Warrants are available to people who are accused of various crimes. These records show if a person has been accused of breaking the law in any way. This includes traffic violations, felonies and other types of crimes. These records also show if a person has a prior criminal record. Some people who have traffic violations may have been convicted of DUI violations in the past.

Searching for a warrant is different than searching for other types of records. First you must have information as to the validity of the complaint or arrest. You must also know where the arrest took place and when it took place. The details you provide will narrow down the results to the specific person. If the person you are searching for has ever been arrested for a crime, there may be multiple warrants out for their arrest. In some cases it is not even necessary to have all the information as part of the initial search.

If you are searching for criminal record then it is important to know exactly what the person has been charged with. You should also know if they have ever been prosecuted for a crime. Searching for warrant records will only give you the person’s criminal record and not any other records associated with the case. It will also not give you information on prior court fines or time served.

You can easily search a person’s records by using their name. A search by first and last name, middle names and nicknames is much more efficient than a general search. You can also use a public record search online. These services will return results for various types of records. This is much faster and less expensive than hiring a private detective.