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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Bradley Police Department147 South Michigan AvenueBradleyIL60915815-933-3315
Essex Police Department219 West Main StreetEssexIL60935815-365-2813
Grant Park Police Department100 East Taylor StreetGrant ParkIL60940815-465-2151
Herscher Police Dept272 East 2nd StreetHerscherIL60941815-426-2131
Hopkins Park Police13080 East Central AvenueHopkins ParkIL60958815-944-5204
Manteno Police Department269 North Main StreetMantenoIL60950815-929-4801
Momence Police Department123 West River StreetMomenceIL60954815-472-2021
Saint Anne Police DepartmentNorth Chicago AvenueSt. AnneIL60964815-427-8126
St Anne Police Department122 South Chicago AvenueSt. AnneIL60964815-427-8126
Kankakee County Sheriff Departments
Kankakee County Sheriff / Kankakee County JailJustice WayKankakeeIL60901815-802-7100
Kankakee County Sheriff's Office3000 S Justice WayKankakeeIL60901815-802-7100
Kankakee County Probation Department
Kankakee County Probation Department470 East Merchant StreetKankakeeIL60901815-937-2970
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(2817)Kankakee County Police Departments
Kankakee Police Department385 East Oak StreetKankakeeIL60901815-933-0401
Kankakee County Police Departments
Kankakee Police Department209 North Indiana AvenueKankakeeIL60901815-933-3321
Aroma Park Police Department2200 Lowe RoadAroma ParkIL60910815-937-1240
Bourbonnais Police Department700 Main Street NorthwestBourbonnaisIL60914815-937-3577

Warrant Records Are a Must Have for Every Law Enforcer and Cop

Warrant Records in Kankakee County Illinois are available for anyone who is interested in accessing public records. The process of obtaining a copy of an individual’s arrest record, for instance, can be accomplished online. By utilizing the tools and services of the internet, people can now conduct background checks on almost anyone they want. If someone is applying for employment, or is looking to rent a house or apartment, a background check can provide them with the information they need to make an informed decision. There are many reasons to run a search on someone else’s personal history.

Anyone who is suspicious of a partner or friend may want to dig up their past. One of the most popular reasons to do this is to check to see if they have a criminal record. If someone has been convicted of a felony, there is a big likelihood that their personal records will show up in a background check. By conducting an online search, anyone can find out if their significant other has a criminal record. This can help to put their mind at ease, especially if they have any doubts about someone in their past.

Warrants are another reason to dig up an individual’s past. Warrants are considered warrants of arrest. They show that a person has committed a crime, but does not necessarily mean they were arrested. A warrant can be related to multiple charges, or it can be related to one specific charge. Having warrants outstanding can make it difficult for a person to get a driver’s license, or to even apply for one.

In some cases, people may be arrested on warrants even though they are not charged with the crime for which they are accused. For instance, someone who is arrested on a DUI charge may be placed under arrest for another crime, such as grand theft auto. Although the DUI charge is technically pending, it is still an open warrant of arrest. Under state law, it is up to the circuit court judge to either dismiss the case, or order the arrest of the person on the warrant.

Warrant records also provide information on crimes that have been committed in other states. If you are living in another state, and are accused of a crime in that state, having a warrant out for your arrest is not really much help when you need to go to court. You will have to get your own warrant records from the state in which you were arrested, in order to be prepared for your court appearance. In many cases, having access to these warrant records is highly beneficial. It is not just a matter of getting your own copy of the arrest warrant; you will also be able to find out more information about the person who was arrested, as well as any additional charges that might be filed against him.

Warrant searches are not always conducted to identify and locate criminals. They are sometimes performed by businesses. A business will often hire private detectives to run unsupervised warrant searches of its employees’ cell phones in order to ensure that the company is doing everything it can to safeguard its assets. Companies may choose to run searches of this nature on their own and hire independent investigators to do the work for them. Having access to a list of people’s cell phone numbers, or addresses, can aid an employer in determining whether it is safe for its employees to use company cell phones.