DeKalb County Illinois Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2614)DeKalb County Police Departments
Dekalb Police Department200 South 4th StreetDeKalbIL60115815-748-8400
DeKalb County Police Departments
Cortland Police Department12950 Highway 38CortlandIL60112815-756-2558
Cortland Police Department300 West Lincoln HighwayCortlandIL60112815-756-2558
Genoa Police Department113 North Genoa StreetGenoaIL60135815-784-6633
Genoa Police Department333 East 1st StreetGenoaIL60135815-784-6633
Hinckley Police Department700 James StreetHinckleyIL60520815-286-7465
Kingston Police Department101 East Railroad StreetKingstonIL60145815-784-5943
Kirkland Police Department511 Main StreetKirklandIL60146815-522-3315
Malta Police Dept120 South 3rd StreetMaltaIL60150302-395-8010
Northern Illinois University Police395 Wirtz DriveDeKalbIL60115815-753-1212
Sandwich Police Department308 East College StreetSandwichIL60548815-786-7261
Somonauk Police Department140 West Dekalb StreetSomonaukIL60552815-498-2351
Sycamore Police Department535 Dekalb AvenueSycamoreIL60178815-895-3435
Waterman Police Department215 West Adams StreetWatermanIL60556815-264-3574
DeKalb County Sheriff Departments
Dekalb County Sheriff / Dekalb County Jail200 North Main StreetSycamoreIL60178815-895-5829
Dekalb County Sheriff's Office150 North Main StreetSycamoreIL60178815-895-5829
DeKalb County Probation Department
Dekalb County Probation Department200 North Main StreetSycamoreIL60178815-895-7193
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How To View And Access Warrant Records

What is a Warrant Records? A Warrant Records identifies the person or entity that applied for a court order to have access to a person’s arrest record, court and jail records, driving records and other relevant information. These records are public information and anyone can request for them.

You will need the full legal name of the person you want to search. This can be the person’s full legal name or just their nick name. This is usually simple information and is included on a public record. If the person has been using this name for quite sometime then there should be no problem retrieving the information. Just go to any county records department and make a request for a copy of this person’s record.

Now if there is an arrest warrant out for your person then you will have to fill out an application for the warrant. The Warrant Application must state all of the person’s details as well as their crime. It must also state the crime that was committed. In some cases a person can be arrested for something they did not do. So make sure you know what crimes they have been accused of.

After you fill out the warrant application form then it will be returned to you with all of the required information. You will need to either mail it in person or send it by mail. Make sure you put the name of the person in the envelope as well as their address.

When a warrant is issued the person in question is taken into custody. They are then asked to show up in court on the date that is stated on the warrant. The warrant records state that the person who is being searched has to be caught within a certain period of time. If they fail to appear then the warrant will be executed.

If a person does show up in court and the warrant was not executed then the records state that a warrant for arrest has been filed with the courts. This means that the police will be able to track the person and bring them to justice. Searching through the warrants can help you to find out more about a person. If you are suspicious of a person, then you can use this information to bring that person to justice.

Using the right resources can be the best way to get warrant records. Using an online service can allow you to get the information that you need quickly. If you know the correct person’s name and address then you can be on the road to finding this information fast. You do not have to waste hours trying to find this information. It is easy to find out whether or not a person has a warrant issued against them.

Remember that it is important to always protect yourself and your family from dangerous people. Searching a person’s background can give you the information you need. However, it is also important to keep in mind that the information is public record. If you are looking to hire a person, then it is your legal right to see this information. It is a good idea to check with your local court house to see if there are any public records on a person.