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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2982)Randolph County Police Departments
Baldwin Police Department105 South Fifth StreetBaldwinIL62217618-785-2785
Randolph County Police Departments
Chester Police Department1330 Swanwick StreetChesterIL62233618-826-5454
Coulterville Police Department114 North 4th StreetCoultervilleIL62237618-758-2351
Ellis Grove Police Department101 North Main StreetEllis GroveIL62241618-859-2101
Ellis Grove Village Hall101 North Main StreetEllis GroveIL62241618-859-2101
Evansville Police Department403 Spring StreetEvansvilleIL62242618-853-2621
Percy Police Department201 East Pine StreetPercyIL62272618-497-2015
Prairie Du Rocher Police Department209 Henry StreetPrairie du RocherIL62277618-284-7171
Red Bud Police Department200 East Market StreetRed BudIL62278618-282-6118
Ruma Police Department207 Main StreetRumaIL62278618-282-3528
Sparta Police Department112 West Jackson StreetSpartaIL62286618-443-2917
Steeleville Police Department107 West Broadway StreetSteelevilleIL62288618-965-3134
Tilden Police Department381 Butler StreetCoultervilleIL62237618-587-5411
Randolph County Sheriff Department
Randolph County Sheriffs / Randolph County Jail200 West Buena Vista StreetChesterIL62233618-826-5484
Randolph County Probation Department
Randolph County Probation Department1 Taylor StreetChesterIL62233618-826-5000
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Warrant Records – What Are Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Randolph County, IL are one of the most heavily policed documents in the entire state. All of the public information in the Illinois state government is now available online; all you need to do is find your county clerk’s office and you’ll have access to every record they have regarding warrants, arrests, convictions, or misdemeanors committed by a person. In fact, all of the person’s civil rights are protected and maintained. Warrant Records in Randolph County are maintained in perpetuity and if you ever want to do something like see someone’s court record; it can be done for you.

The reason why you need a search through a record check such as this is to find out if someone you want to hire has any warrants out for their arrest out of Illinois or not. If you are going to hire someone to work for you at any point in time, you need to make sure that they are not about to do something you don’t approve of. Or, if you are about to hire someone to work in your home and something happens; you don’t want to hire someone with a criminal record. This is the same for businesses and for renting property.

Warrant records can actually be issued on any non-resident of the state, and they can also be issued within a resident of the state if there is cause. A warrant is simply a court order that says that a person should be arrested. They do not have to show probable cause or justify their arrest with any kind of evidence; they just have to convince a judge that they have a warrant out for their arrest. There are many reasons that a warrant may be issued, but usually it is because of some kind of crime.

If a person is about to get married, but the person does not have any children yet; they can be arrested and they will remain so until the child is born. A judge can issue a warrant for a person if they have committed any kind of felony; although, this doesn’t always mean that they have done anything wrong. The reason that a warrant is issued is that it lets police know that a person is in their area and that they should be aware of them. That is what it is supposed to do; but it is up to the police officers to follow through with their threat.

If a person’s name has been entered into any kind of database where they keep mug shots, or who have criminal records; they can also be arrested for that offense. That is why it is important for a person to always make sure that their name and their background are always cleared when they go to hire a new employee. That is also why you need to keep an eye on your neighbors; because if one of them is doing something that you do not approve of, you can easily find out and you can put that person in jail, and you can also do something to help your neighbors out.

There are many different types of warrant records that can be found online; and you can even do a search using a person’s name. For example, if your friend is named something like “icky” on Facebook; then you can do a search for their name and see if there are any warrants out for their arrest. This is a very easy way to find out information about someone; because all you have to do is type in their name and click search. If the person has a record, you will see it right away; and sometimes you will see nothing at all. If you do not see anything, then the person did not even do anything wrong.