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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(3031)Warren County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Warren County Probation Department100 West BroadwayMonmouthIL61462309-734-4137
Warren County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Warren County Sheriffs Office / Warren County Jail121 North A StreetMonmouthIL61462309-734-8505
Alexis Police Department122 South Main StreetAlexisIL61412309-482-5537
Monmouth Police Department600 South Main StreetMonmouthIL61462309-734-8383
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How to Search For Warrants

If you’re looking for information on warrants or criminal records of any individual in Warren County, you can turn to your local courthouse. Like most counties in Illinois, warrants are a legal process that allows law officials to temporarily suspend the person’s right to vote or be on their job. While most of the time these searches are performed before issuing a warrant, they can sometimes be issued after an arrest has been made. In either case, you can find out the person’s Fourth Amendment rights and whether they deserve the search.

If you want to see who has been arrested or if someone is on parole, you can go to the courthouse and look through the warrants that have been filed against a person. This type of document is called an application for a writ of mandate. These warrant applications typically list the name and address of the person accused of the crime, as well as their crime and charges. Depending on the jurisdiction, other information, such as residency records, can also be listed. If the person was convicted of domestic violence in the past, the clerk may also include the details of the crime, the victim, and any contact information.

If you’re looking for records of a person, all you need to do is visit the courthouse or records office. They usually have a website where people can perform a search online. However, there are several reasons why you may want to visit an actual records office instead. Some of these reasons include:

Most people are wary about turning to the police for help when they feel their rights have been violated. While the police can legally obtain a copy of someone’s record, they have to abide by certain privacy laws. Additionally, not all police departments store all warrants. So, if you turn to the police, chances are you’ll only get copies of the records that they can access. If you turn to the records office, you’ll likely be able to obtain a full warrant, arrest warrant, federal record, and any other public records that are available.

If you’re interested in searching for a person’s warrant, the easiest way is to go online. You’ll need to know the person’s name and address. Then, all you need do is enter those two details into a website and hit the search button. It should only take a few seconds before you know if the person has a warrant. If so, then you’ll get the option to either pay the clerk to search the record, view the record online immediately, or see if the person has a warrant out for their arrest.

Before you ever get involved with this process, it’s important to note that online searches aren’t always 100 percent accurate. So, if the person you want to search doesn’t have a record online, they may still have a record in another county. Also, sometimes you won’t get all the information you want because the person may have gotten a new job or gotten married. So, if you don’t find anything you want, just keep trying until you find what you need. After all, you don’t want to hire a detective just to find out your spouse is sleeping with other people!

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