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What Are Warrant Records?

Warrant Records are one of the most private public information files in West Virginia. They are kept by the Pendleton County Sheriff, and they are stored in a secured building, called the Warrant Records Room. The only people allowed into the records room are law enforcement officers, attorneys, and certified reporters. Warrant Records are maintained to protect individuals from identity theft, and to protect the innocent from having their identity stolen. Warrant Records are considered to be a part of the confidential personal record section of the state’s public records act.

Searching for a copy of a persons criminal past or present arrest warrant can be accomplished online twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It does cost money to perform a search, but searching online is more convenient and faster than visiting a local records office. Many times, people need to access these records due to an active arrest warrant for some type of felony. It is important to know that while there are several places online where you can perform a search, that information can not be guaranteed 100 percent secure. There is a good chance that you could end up hiring a stranger to work in your home, with your children or in any other way.

Performing a search requires some personal information to be filled out on a website. The first step is to choose the correct name of the person that you are searching for. Next, you will enter in a last name, first name and birth date. If you have any other information such as place of employment or a social security number just so you know a person is who you are looking for, please enter them as well. This information will help narrow your results and make your search faster and easier.

If a person’s arrest warrant is out for their arrest, then the person’s name will appear in the background check. This can be extremely helpful if you are trying to hire someone. There is no need to see any records of a person when you are not going to be hiring them. You will be able to see records of a person if they are applying for a position. A background check will let you know if a person has any prior arrests and convictions.

Warrant records are considered public information, so anyone can access these records. The only people that should have to pay for these records are those involved in the arrest. If the person was the arresting officer, then they should have to pay for the report. However, if the person has access to the public records, then they should be able to get the warrant records. If they are attempting to get a copy of someone else’s record, then they need to contact the courts office where the warrant is filed.

Warrants were originally created for catching criminals. People were accused of crimes such as rape, murder, arson and many other crimes. However, warrant crimes were also created to allow employers to prevent people from taking chances. If there is probable cause to believe a person may have done something illegal, then they can be arrested. A warrant records can give the court the right to take the person into custody.