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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(896)Raleigh County Police Departments
Beckley Police Department340 Prince StreetBeckleyWV25801304-256-1708
Raleigh County Police Departments
Beckley Police Department - East Beckley1200 South Fayette StreetBeckleyWV25801304-256-1858
Beckley Police Department - East Park Precinct705 Scott AvenueBeckleyWV25801304-256-1838
Beckley Police Department - Maxwell Hill Precinct714 Maxwell Hill RoadBeckleyWV25801304-256-1843
Lester Police Department122 GrandisonLesterWV25865304-934-6301
Mabscott Police Department302 Whitestick StreetBeckleyWV25801304-253-5654
Rhodell Police Department7231 Coal City RoadRhodellWV25915304-683-3668
Sophia Police Department100 Railroad AvenueSophiaWV25921304-683-3331
West Virginia State Police Troop 6 - Headquarters105 Pinecrest DriveBeckleyWV25801304-256-6982
West Virginia State Police Troop 6 - Whitesville Detachment11823 Coal River RoadWhitesvilleWV25209304-854-0101
Raleigh County Sheriff Department
Raleigh County Sheriffs Office201 South Eisenhower DriveBeckleyWV25801304-255-9300
Raleigh County FBI Offices
Beckley West Virginia FBI Office200 George StreetBeckleyWV25801304-253-6874
Beckley West Virginia FBI Office110 North Heber StreetBeckleyWV25801304-253-6874
Raleigh County Probation Department
Raleigh County Probation Department117 Prince StreetBeckleyWV25801304-255-9186
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The Purpose of Wording a Warrant

Warrant Records in Raleigh County, West Virginia are maintained by the courts. They contain all the information regarding a person who has been arrested for a crime and is under investigation for another. Warrant records will also list any warrants that have been issued in the area of the arrest and details of the person accused. Warrant records are public information and anyone can request them from the courthouse in any jurisdiction.

The main purpose of a warrant is to enable a law enforcement officer to find out the facts surrounding an arrest. They are also used in drug investigations and for immigration purposes. In many states of the US, including West Virginia, police must secure a warrant before they can stop and interrogate a person. The information in them is highly sensitive and can only be revealed to specified people, under certain circumstances. The reason for this is to protect the privacy rights of all citizens. It is not possible for the public to have access to this information due to privacy laws.

Any time a person is arrested for a crime, their name will appear in the local newspapers. That is the only source of information as to the identity of the person. Once the warrant is issued, that person can no longer hide behind that mask of anonymity. It is also used to establish if the person committed the crime and whether they should stand trial. Warrant records will also disclose the exact location of where the arrest was made.

This can be very useful for a person who owns a business and is putting to the test a prospective employee. If they fail the interview then they know the address and contact number of the potential employee. In the past, it was necessary to have an expensive private detective to retrieve such information. However, there are online services now that can provide such information. They are usually inexpensive and reliable. All that is required is the person’s name and the location they were arrested.

Warrant records can be obtained from the courthouse where the arrest took place. There are usually a small fee to cover all the paper work. If you are an employer and are worried about a prospective hire, you will want to use one of these services. It would be good to know any problems or concerns the person might have before he is hired.

These records will contain all the information on a person that has been charged with a crime. It will reveal if they have ever been arrested for breaking a law and whether or not they have ever been convicted of a crime. It is possible that you could be hiring a criminal for some project you are working on. These online records can save you valuable time and effort and even equip you with the knowledge you need to prevent the criminal from re-offending. If the job entails having access to a lot of people’s personal records then this online service would be very beneficial to you.