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(864)Pleasants County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Pleasants County Sheriff's Office301 Court LaneSt. MarysWV26170304-684-2285
Pleasants County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Pleasants County Sheriffs Office305 Barkwill StreetSt. MarysWV26170304-684-2285
Saint Marys Police Department418 2nd StreetSt. MarysWV26170304-684-7011
West Virginia State Police Troop 4 - Saint Marys Detachment1313 2nd StreetSt. MarysWV26170304-684-7101
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Pleasants County Criminal Records
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How to Look Up Criminal Records

Warrant Records in Pleasants County West Virginia are not easy to find. They will only be found if the person you want to search has been cited for a criminal offense and their case is being handled by a court. The best way to get this information is to go online and do a thorough search. This way you can find out all sorts of information including the warrant for the person’s arrest, the name of the warrant holder if they are known, and any other pertinent details.

In order to find out these types of details, you need to know the full name of the person. Some times you can find this information on their criminal citation. Other times you will have to pay a small fee to get access to that information. It depends on how complex or simple the search is. If there is any public information about them online, it should also be readily available in the courthouse records. Sometimes a case is closed but an warrant is still out for their arrest.

Searching through the records will turn up various bits of information. You might see something called an arrest warrant. These are used to notify people about pending charges of a crime. This is not always the case and usually only happens with felony crimes.

You could also see something called a criminal complaint. This is where the criminal action has been filed and when it was issued. This paperwork is required when there are issues between the police and the accused. Usually they will be required to give their own names and personal details to the courts if they wish to present themselves before them.

Warrant records are also referred to as criminal history records. This detail shows all arrests and convictions, both minor and major, of a person. The state of Virginia does not require any of these documents to be updated. This means you won’t be able to find out the status of any warrants that are in your area.

There are several places you can look into these documents. You could first try the local courthouse. This is the easiest way to do as they will usually have everything you need in one location. You may also have to pay a small fee but that’s okay since it is all public information. There are also several online criminal record search sites where you will pay a small fee for unlimited access to their information.