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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(895)Putnam County Police Departments
Buffalo Police Department218 Maple LaneBuffaloWV25033304-937-2400
Putnam County Police Departments
Eleanor Police Department201 North Ash CircleEleanorWV25070304-586-1200
Hurricane Police Department3255 Teays Valley RoadHurricaneWV25526304-562-9911
Poca Police Department100 Main StreetPocaWV25159304-755-5102
West Virginia State Police Troop 5 - Winfield Detachment3389 Winfield RoadWinfieldWV25213304-586-2000
Winfield Police Department3232 Winfield RoadWinfieldWV25213304-586-9200
Putnam County Sheriff Department
Putnam County Sheriffs Department3389 Winfield RoadWinfieldWV25213304-586-0256
Putnam County Probation Department
Putnam County Probation Department3389 Winfield RoadWinfieldWV25213304-586-0236
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Where to Look for Warrant Records

If you are searching for Putnam County Police Records, you can obtain them by performing a background check on a person or an organization. The background check can be done online and is usually free. One way to go about doing a search is to contact the local law enforcement agencies to ask if they have any records on file on the person of your interest. Some agencies might have all the information that you need while others might not. The information you are looking for can be located on the county website or at the Putnam County courthouse.

There are many benefits to using the police records. You might be involved with a new relationship and want to check up on your past boyfriends to make sure that he or she is who they say they are. You might have recently hired a new employee and would like to verify their character before the start of work. Another popular use is when a person applies for credit and there are questions on their background. There are many reasons that you would need to check up on the criminal history of a person or business entity.

There are several ways to access criminal history records. You can go to the local courthouse for records if you live in Putnam County, Virginia. This method would require that you go to the courts house to request a copy of the person’s record. You can also visit the Putnam County Public Access Project (PCAP) site and download a form to access the records directly. You will need to supply your name, address, date of birth, social security number, and date of interview as well as your Social Security number for the application to be valid.

You can also do a record search on the Internet. There are different websites available that provide information on criminal history records from different states. You can find out the person’s criminal record from the comfort of your own home and at a time that is convenient to you.

If you are not comfortable with using an online service or are trying to get the most accurate information, then you may want to call the local courthouse where the person or entity has an address. If the person has an active social security number, then they should have this in their records as well. The clerk will be able to tell you exactly what the person has been charged with, their social security number, and whether or not they have a criminal record.

You may not think that a person who does not have a criminal record could be dangerous. However, many times a person with no criminal record may have a restraining order or other type of order out for their protection. Someone with a criminal record could simply choose not to obey such an order and then you may find themselves in a bad situation. Warrant records allow you to stay safe by keeping yourself informed about the people that surround you. Therefore, if you are ever in doubt, you should make sure that you are aware of the criminal activity of everyone around you.